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Field service management software

Streamline workflows. Enhance visibility. Increase growth potential.

Looking for an all-in-one field service management software?

Take your business to the next level with simPRO’s solutions for...

Service jobs

Track service work from the office to the field and improve job management processes and communications.

Project work

Keep your projects on track and on budget with complete visibility across teams, financials and schedules at your fingertips.


Easily manage preventative maintenance schedules, quickly view asset histories and comply with service level agreements.

Field service management software to fit your business

Not every business is the same. So why should software be one-size-fits-all? Streamline your entire business from initial customer contact to final invoicing and payment with simPRO’s all-in-one solution. Take the juggling act out of field service management, with cloud-based software which allows real-time communication between office and field, automates time-consuming tasks, enhances customer experience and provides you with the support to grow your business.

hands on laptop keyboard

Create estimates and quotes quickly

Identify the value of every job and demonstrate your superior customer service with fast estimating and quoting. Estimate with prebuilt rates or pricing from wholesaler catalogues, labour rates, contractors and equipment rates. Beat the competition by auto-populating job details provided by customers into a professional quote or estimate in just a few clicks.

  • Import supplier catalogues into simPRO
  • Create quotes in the field
  • Personalise your quotes and estimates

Make scheduling simple

Whether you are dispatching staff to a service job, scheduling in a maintenance run or choosing the best team for a project, simPRO will help you get the right staff to the right place, quickly. Minimise wasted admin hours and increase productivity with visibility of your team and their schedules from anywhere, at any time.

  • View team schedules in daily, weekly or monthly view
  • Schedule based on zones, preferred field staff member or distance to site
  • Bulk-schedule teams and their equipment to projects
worker in ppe using tablet device in work area

Invoice and collect payments with ease

Improve your cash flow with quick invoicing, a variety of payment options and seamless integration with leading accounting packages. Auto-sync supplier catalogues and invoices and quickly add items as billable items to relevant jobs. Keep cash flowing with the capability to invoice and collect payment in the field, via email through the Customer Portal or by collecting your customers’ card details over the phone.

  • Invoice customers and accept payments on-site or in the office
  • Schedule invoices for recurring jobs
  • Send invoices directly to your accounting software

Work faster and smarter with simPRO Mobile

Give your field staff access to the tools they need in the field. With the simPRO Mobile app, staff have access to job details, site history, timesheets as well as images and attachments from past site visits. Staff can maximise their time on site by adding and updating job notes on-the-go and using easy clock-on and clock-off functionality. They will also be able to present quotes, invoice and take payment as well as work efficiently with the office from a mobile device through the support of two-way sync and real-time updates.

  • Utilise offline access in remote areas
  • Conduct asset testing
  • Upload linked attachments and capture photos
office staff working at computer

Drive action with portals

Reduce admin overheads and streamline processes with customisable portals for staff, contractors and customers. Give your customers the power to pay invoices, request quotes and view project progress. Authorise your staff to take action with access to update job cards, invoices and schedules. Collaborate with contractors by issuing work orders into the portal, then allowing them to schedule their work and view their invoices.

  • Create tailored portals for customers, staff and contractors
  • Empower users without compromising security
staff in warehouse with checklist and mobile device

Keep your stock levels just right

Without the right parts, your staff can’t get the job done quickly and efficiently. simPRO’s Inventory Management capabilities give you greater visibility of your stock levels so you can keep your inventory at the right level, at all times. Whether an item is in a van, on-site or in the warehouse, you’ll always know what your team needs to get the job done. When it’s time to restock, use synced supplier catalogues to purchase stock with a click of a button.

  • Side-by-side item price comparison from multiple suppliers
  • Create purchase orders from within jobs or from supplier quotes
  • Track supplier pricing over time
man at van checking mobile device

See your fleet at a glance

Combine simTRAC GPS fleet tracking with simPRO to enhance scheduling and improve driver safety. Make scheduling simple with live GPS tracking that shows which field staff member is nearby, then keep customers informed of their arrival time. Use geofencing to define restricted areas and replays to see where your field staff have been. Then, get insights and discover opportunities for improvements with reports on travel time, on-site time, vehicle speeds and idle time.

  • Integrate with Garmin or your chosen system
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Improve your service with insights from reports
office staff using simPRO

Automate data entry and save time

Minimise risk, eliminate duplicate data entry and improve accuracy with automated data processing. With simPRO’s add-ons you can utilise automation and give your staff the time to focus on more valuable tasks. Monitor incoming business data from communications such as emails and website forms and set triggers to create corresponding actions within simPRO.

  • Constant monitoring of communication channels
  • Automate the review of quotes, leads, supplier invoices and job requests
  • Collect important business data with customisable forms
office worker hands on keyboard with coffee

Intelligent reporting gives you valuable insights

Get clear, actionable information about your business in real-time with more than 70 pre-built reports. Make informed decisions with profit and loss reports and measure the productivity of your team with field staff reports. You can also identify the average response time for jobs and keep your projects on track with work in progress reports.

  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports to be emailed to your inbox
  • Visualise data with graphs and charts
  • Easily report project status to your customers
  • Create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations
office staff consulting simPRO while on phone call

Keep your financial data accurate

Integrate simPRO with your existing accounting software to streamline workflows, get a real-time view of cash flow and keep data accurate. Save hours cross-referencing transactions and double handling information with quick syncing between simPRO and your accounting package.

  • Minimise duplicate data entry
  • Send customer information in seconds
  • Easily track and make payments

"simPRO isn't really something that we talk about in the business anymore. Because it's the backbone. It sits there and it drives everything that we do."

Tom Simmonds, Allfire Protection

Unlock the power of true end-to-end field service management software

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Managing complex field service businesses

No matter the size or complexity of your business, simPRO can work with you to configure a solution to suit your unique processes.

Take control with a single software solution for franchises, multiple companies or complex workflows. Benefit with oversight of connected processes and functions such as job sharing and see where your business stands with master reporting. Then, on a local level, utilise simPRO for job management, streamlining business operations and simplifying accounting processes.

Also choose to utilise private cloud hosting to accommodate large databases, security needs or high volumes of data.

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