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“There are so many avenues for support [at Simpro] and they are all just absolutely fantastic”

David Pink, Delivery Systems Manager

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The challenges

Scattered business data

When Delivery Systems Manager David Pink thinks back to the time before Simpro at Multimedia Communications, he almost can't believe how their operations were running.

"Data was pretty much everywhere," he explained, "Excel was probably our primary source of information. Emails would come in requesting a job and then they'd just go off in all different directions as we actioned it."

clean data centreSeparate systems and processes meant that the team were feeling lost when it came to job tracking and overall visibility of their business.

With multiple stand-alone sources of information no one, from field service and admin teams to accounting staff and executives, had reliable information.

"We needed a solution that would enable us to see everything in one place," David said.

"Our CEO and CFO had no way of easily accessing information they could use to better cement their decision-making."

No work management system and no one to help

"We didn't have a single work management system to help us handle our workflows. We were just operating with a dispatching tool and whatever programs Office 365 could offer us," David said.

There's no denying that these systems worked for Multimedia Communications at the start. However, their rise to success meant that they quickly outgrew them and found themselves struggling to run efficiently.

They were operating at an enterprise-level and needed a solution to match.

"We felt like we needed to look at working with a provider to get a software system built that could cater to our intricate processes," David explained.

"But everywhere we looked we weren't getting much response. Then we heard that some of our competitors were using a solution called Simpro, so we gave them a call."

The results

Better visibility and accessibility for staff and customers

"Simpro has really improved the overall visibility we have of the business from multiple impact points," David said.

"Our dispatch teams are able to review their schedules as well as other job and site details. Our clients can oversee their job requests through the client portals. The management team can easily review a range of job, customer and employee data like costs, field staff KPIs or unpaid invoices to see how we're tracking. It's brilliant."

David feels that the insights and visibility they've gained from Simpro have encouraged a much deeper change to the business.

"Being able to filter results down to see exactly what you want has changed the way we operate," he said. "We now can review and understand how our business is running with a depth we didn't have before."

By getting rid of stand-alone sources of information through the use of Simpro, the team at Multimedia Communications have created a single source of truth in their business.

They've built better data integrity and security, as well as given owners and operators in the business a single point of control over processes and workflows.

A strong support network

"One of the things I think I've loved the most about Simpro has been the support we've been offered," David said.

"There are so many avenues to get the assistance you need or answers to any questions you might have."

In addition to the online Help Guide and Simpro Learning | Toolbox available to customers, David has made good use of Simpro's over-the-phone, online and in-person training and support.

"If you're reporting a significant issue you're facing [with Simpro], someone will stay in touch to ensure you're supported and that's what I love," David said.

"They'll check on you for a few days after the call, to make sure your situation is resolved, and to ask if there's anything else they can do for you. How many other companies can you say offer that kind of service? It's fantastic."

Word of advice?

Take your time and trust that the team at Simpro will help you find the best solution.

"Don't rush into it when you're thinking of signing up to Simpro, take your time" David cautions.

"Get all your data together and figure out what you want from a business solution - for us, it was visibility and efficiency."

"Knowing what you want upfront will help you get the best advice from Simpro's team and ensure you get an implementation process that guarantees you the most benefits."

Want better levels of efficiency and visibility in your business, just like Multimedia Communications?

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