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Service and Project Quoting

Quickly Provide Professional, Accurate Project Quotes for All Jobs

Get on top of your quoting process and beat the competition. Quickly turn around professional quotes, follow up on their progress and make it easy for customers to choose you with online quote acceptance capabilities.

Turn around quotes quickly with the ability to:

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Include images and additional notes

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Apply accurate catalog pricing

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Request and compare supplier pricing

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Analyze and adjust estimated costs

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Automate or manually set follow-ups

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Collect online customer acceptance

Build effective quotes for jobs. Quickly add labor and materials, product images and online acceptance options.

Confidently manage your project quotes. Add stages and cost centers to create structure, offer optional quotes and easily define retention settings.

Get a clear picture of your quote’s costs, markup and discounts. See the impact of changes to ensure estimated, committed and actual costs closely align.

Increase repeat bookings by empowering loyal clients with a customer portal to request and view quotes, book jobs, pay invoices and update their details online.

Manage materials and inventory on-site, minimizing any confusion among other team members regarding what is available and what isn’t.

Lead Management

Easily Turn Your Leads Into Quotes and Customers

Give your team everything needed to convert a lead into a quote. Manage potential business opportunities by creating, assigning and scheduling leads to help your sales team move leads through the sales pipeline.

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Lead Creation

Add contact details, notes, tags, cost centers, status and follow-up dates to effectively manage your opportunities.


Schedule a salesperson to the lead, send a calendar appointment to the lead and email the lead summary form to your staff and customer.


Improve your sales forecasting by recording estimated price, probability of sale and due dates against the lead.

Quote Templates and Pre-builds

Save time with templates

Be consistent and efficient with scripts and custom form builder templates that help you stand out from your competitors. Price quotes and jobs faster using prebuilds and take off templates while getting more insight into your margins.

Quote faster and easier with scripts and custom form builder template proposals that help you and your team remain consistent, professional and competitive.

Create personalized invoice or credit note templates and auto-populate information from captured fields. Create consistency and make administration a breeze.

Create standard price or flat rate pre-builds. Include images, brochures, technical information and other attachments to reduce hassle and save time.


Increase Sales Performance with Business Reporting

Track performance, identify bottlenecks and meet targets with comprehensive sales reports and dashboards.

Discover how each step in your sales process contributes to customer satisfaction, business growth and profitability. Pre-built reports for Lead and Quote Activity, Sales Forecast and Profit/Loss plus other key metrics help identify which sales process to focus on to improve win/loss rates for new and repeat customers.

Every business is different. Template reports don’t always provide the right information to drive decision-making. Use BI Reporting to access more data so that you can build customized reports, dashboards and data visualizations (including charts and graphs).

Keep your sales team motivated to achieve sales targets. Set the sales dashboard as the default homepage for real-time visual updates on the business’s progress towards monthly sales targets and allocation of jobs by cost center.

Simpro Mobile

Track Your Team and Your Jobs from the Field

Why wait until you’re at the office to close the sale? Quote, adjust estimates, invoice and take payment from the field using one app that gets the job done.

See what your team is up to, update jobs and get paid in real-time wherever you (and your team) are.

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Create jobs, access assigned jobs and see job updates

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Record job details

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Create quotes, invoices and process payments

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Forecast labor/job costs

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Sync supplier pricing

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Test assets in the field and add photos

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Track your team’s time

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Track stock used and purchased

Customize quotes instantly so customers know exactly which materials they’re getting and the price. Also, allow for multiple quote options, including images and manuals for faster quote acceptance.

Get the right material allocation at the correct price. Supplier pricing drops directly into quotes through your catalog integration.

Showcase quotes to customers from your device, along with photos, upgrade and membership options. Plus, get on-the-spot acceptance with your customer’s signature.

Speed up your cash flow during the sales cycle by emailing an invoice to the customer or collecting payment onsite.

Data Feed

Provide automation with speed and accuracy

Start automating tasks and get jobs, quotes, invoices and leads into Simpro faster so you can quickly respond to customers, look more professional and ultimately win more jobs.

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Receipt purchase orders

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Create and update quotes

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Create and update jobs

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Create new tasks

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Create new leads

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Receipt packing slips

Data Feed eliminates time consuming repetitive data entry and human error, allowing information to be automatically updated or created in your system with speed and accuracy.

With Data Feed’s intelligent document processing, take time back in your day to focus on what’s important, like working on high-value tasks, improving customer service and growing your business.

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