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“We get more positive feedback from the Simpro platform from our office and field staff than any other software we’ve used previously.”

Todd Rankin, Vice President of Operations

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Elevating Security Solutions: AlarmQuest's Strategic Leap with Simpro

In the bustling world of security solutions, AlarmQuest shines, thanks to its strategic adoption of Simpro's innovative software platform. AlarmQuest services both residential and commercial markets, from 2,000 square foot homes to towering 10-story high-rises. What sets AlarmQuest apart in the competitive landscape is its adept management of products and services which includes fire and security alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and access controls for their clients—a challenge inadequately addressed by other platforms but seamlessly handled by Simpro.

Continuing a legacy of excellence in security

AlarmQuest, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a systems integration company specializing in security, fire, video, and access control. At the heart of AlarmQuest's mission lies an unwavering commitment to providing swift customer service and reliable solutions to its clients. Vice Presidents Wil Brown and Todd Rankin, have been at the forefront of the Simpro integration since 2020. AlarmQuest has set a gold standard in the industry for prompt service and exceptional care. From the beginning, the goal wasn't just to offer systems and monitoring but to ensure that regardless of the signal, fire or security, the team could respond to clients as efficiently as possible, in some cases within hours. This dedication to timely customer service isn't just an operational goal; it's the essence of AlarmQuest’s mission and culture.

"We started with ten employees, more than we needed, but we wanted to make sure that if something did happen...we could get there same day or next day," Brown explained, underscoring AlarmQuest’s proactive approach to service. This strategy has not only set them apart but also fostered trust and reliability among its client base, ensuring that AlarmQuest is seen not just as a provider but as a partner in the alarm system space. Now, with a team of 25 employees, AlarmQuest continues to uphold these values they began with.

The quest for operational efficiency

AlarmQuest’s mission is further supported by its strategic use of Simpro's platform, which has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency, allowing it to manage service tickets effectively and make sure that no client's request goes unanswered. "We're constantly checking...Is it scheduled? Is it complete? As soon as a client calls in we create the service ticket in Simpro, regardless how minor the request. We track everything in Simpro." Brown shared, highlighting the systematic approach enabled by Simpro that aligns perfectly with its mission of timely service. Through their dedication and innovative use of technology, AlarmQuest continues to redefine what it means to be a leader in the security integration industry, prioritizing rapid response times and setting a new standard for customer service excellence.

Before Simpro, there was no process for tracking an inbound call lead and no concept of the progress and\or conversion rate. Today everyone associated with call flow knows how to enter and assign a lead into Simpro in real time. Once the lead is entered the sales team is notified and all the activity is tracked from that moment forward. In addition, AlarmQuest had no idea how many leads were received, but now they do. In 2023 AlarmQuest tracked over 400 inbound leads to the branches and never placed a priority on that process until they started tracking the data.

Simpro's capability to work with multiple business entities under one software platform has particularly resonated with AlarmQuest, aligning perfectly with its growth strategy focused on acquisitions. "We looked at the multi-company piece of Simpro. So that's attractive to us," Brown notes, emphasizing the software's alignment with its operational needs and future aspirations. Brown then continued, “When we got the demo of Simpro, it seemed very simple and the way that it is set up just made sense to me”.

Transformation has also been seen with the AlarmQuest quote process. The creation of a quote used to take days; now it takes hours. It’s not uncommon for AlarmQuest to receive a customer call, create\email the quote, and receive the docu-sign back in the same day. The speed to market has been invaluable in the first interaction of their customers’ journey.

AlarmQuest has seen significant impact from Simpro via improvement in completing projects and accurately billing customers. Since the SP conversion billing errors have been greatly reduced, they have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction and overall visibility into open jobs. In addition, the days from job completion to invoicing has improved year over year which has a big impact on AlarmQuest’s accounts receivable cycle and cash flow:

  • 2021 10.12 to 7.35 days from job completion to invoice
  • 2022 9.68 to 5.07 days
  • 2023 5.84 to 4.70 days

For AlarmQuest, the shift to Simpro wasn't just a software change; it was a strategic move toward consolidating its operations under a single, powerful platform, enhancing efficiency and elevating the customer experience. The feedback from staff further validates AlarmQuest’s choice, marking a significant improvement over previous systems. "We get more positive feedback from the Simpro platform from our office and field staff than any other software we’ve used previously," Rankin shares, underscoring the team's satisfaction and the platform's user-friendly nature.

Harnessing culture for growth and innovation

Simpro has not only streamlined AlarmQuest's operations but also fostered a culture of preparation, discernment and collaboration. These meta-skills, as Todd and Wil articulate, are critical for navigating the complexities of the security system solutions industry. The platform's robust reporting capabilities, coupled with its ability to handle the nuances of recurring revenue—a cornerstone of AlarmQuest's business model—have been instrumental in its growth.

The culture of collaboration extends to the field and accountability. “We have our payroll platform that the staff uses but I need to know specific times on the job site, how long you were there, what parts you used and all the technicians are really good at that and seems pretty simple for them to use," explains Brown.

AlarmQuest's journey with Simpro is a testament to the transformative power of the right technology in hands-on, growth-oriented businesses. As AlarmQuest continues to expand its footprint, it stands as a beacon for others in the industry, demonstrating the unmatched value of embracing innovative solutions like Simpro for managing multi-site operations with finesse and strategic insight.

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