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Bring calm to the chaos of managing inventory. Quickly order stock, control inventory and better manage your warehouse.

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Are you tired of stockouts and costly inventory mishaps? Simpro Premium is designed to empower the trade industry with efficient inventory forecasting and warehouse management.

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Elevate your stock management

Running low on materials? Get real-time insight into your stock levels with just a few clicks. Make confident and informed decisions with an inventory management system. Maintain optimum stock levels effortlessly.

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Stick to a streamlined ordering process

Set minimum stock level alerts, so you’re never in fear of running short on materials. You can place orders and replenish stock in no time with an order management system designed to work around your business.

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Uncover the best prices

Compare prices with suppliers you use on a regular basis, so you’ll always get the best deal. Why pay more when you can pay less? Your bottom line will thank you for it later!

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An online catalog at your fingertips

Build your own catalog of materials. See what’s on hand, in the office and on the go. Plus our inventory management software allows you to import‌ supplier catalogues, so you’ve always got the most up to date prices.

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Real-time insights with comprehensive reporting

Knowledge is power and vital to remain profitable. With an inventory tracking system, you gain actionable insights into your inventory performance with comprehensive reporting. Identify trends, forecast demand and make data-driven choices that lead to continued growth.





Experience efficient inventory management like never before with Simpro Premium for your field service business. Say goodbye to stockouts and inventory mishaps as our software empowers you with real-time stock level insights, ensuring you make informed decisions effortlessly. Unlock the power of real-time insights through comprehensive reporting tools, enabling you to identify trends, forecast demand, and drive data-driven growth strategies. Elevate your stock management, simplify ordering, and maximize profitability with Simpro Premium.

Inventory and Material Management

Track and manage inventory without the headache

Ever dreamt of a system that helps you track and manage inventory in real-time from anywhere? Dream no more because Simpro Premium’s got you.

See what you have in stock, where it is located and get updates as they happen from your staff in the field.

Avoid last-minute trips to the wholesaler and re-allocate stock to a job or order ahead of time. Plus, add materials while on site from Simpro Mobile or post job completion.

Break free from the desk. Transfer stock between storage locations or do a full stocktake using the online Barcoding Portal, combined with a barcode scanner, on a tablet.

Avoid running out of materials for your jobs with alerts to notify you when stock levels run low. And set maximum restock levels to prevent expensive over-ordering.

Purchase Orders

Keep track of every stock transaction

Details matter. Track stock transactions for received items and materials transferred from storage to a job. Automatically update stock when purchase orders are received and push all supplier invoices and payment details to your accounting package.

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Get the best price on materials from trusted suppliers

Ordering stock has never been easier with key integrations between Simpro and top-rated trade contracting suppliers.

Simpro purchase orders composition
See up-to-date supplier catalogs

Catalogs sync with Simpro, populating your build with up-to-date prices so you can generate estimates quickly.

Generate accurate price comparisons

Get the best price every time with the ability to request and view multiple suppliers’ pricing side-by-side.

Group catalog items

Easily group catalog items according to product line or functional type, and assign them to a job or project with the click of a button.

Keep financials in check

Accurately report on stock and supplier pricing to understand your business’s ongoing needs.


Protect cash flow and keep stock in check with reports

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With Simpro, we're able to track what's being returned and credited. From a quoting and stock management point of view, it can save you a lot of time and money.

James Harrison
Director, Fusion Electrical

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory management software is a tool that enables business to better manage their stock and materials, including purchase orders, sales and other related tasks.

It enables businesses to better understand their inventory forecasting to ensure profit growth, as well as streamlines the ordering process for stock and materials. You’re able to run reports, raise purchase orders and sync supplier catalogs to bring your asset management process into one platform.

Yes, Simpro Premium has a lot of integrations. You can connect with popular accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB.

Yes, you certainly can. As long as your field staff are utilizing Simpro Mobile efficiently and your workflows run smoothly your stock should reflect accurately.

Yes, you’re able to set up minimum stock levels so you’re alerted as soon as that stock reaches critical level. So you can re-order as much or as little as you like.

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