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“Our technicians love Simpro. They don't have to come to the office every day anymore to pick up paper job tickets of their daily job's led to happier employees, less wear and tear on vehicles, and a significant reduction in missing parts because we plan a week at a time.”

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Navigating Growth and Change: The TEAMwired Story of Innovation and Adaptation

Based out of Houston, TEAMWired embarked on a visionary journey in 2007, led by founders Bart and Jennifer Lambert. From a modest beginning in their dining room, TEAMWired grew into a reputable commercial security and fire systems company with 22 employees, carving out a niche in mini storages and master-planned communities. Despite their success, the company faced a critical bottleneck: their growth was hampered by outdated manual workflows and reliance on paper and spreadsheets for critical operations. This inefficiency was a roadblock to scaling their business to meet the increasing demands of the security sector.

2020 marked a pivotal moment for TEAMWired with the adoption of Simpro. This decision was not taken lightly but stemmed from a pressing need to overhaul their operational processes to catalyze growth and efficiency. Simpro promised to be the beacon of change TEAMWired was searching for, and it delivered beyond expectations.

Operational Efficiencies Unleashed

One of the most significant transformations was the reduction in quote generation time. What once was a laborious two-hour task was whittled down to a mere 30 minutes with Simpro, marking a staggering 200% improvement in efficiency. This change not only streamlined their operations but also allowed TEAMWired to respond to customer inquiries with unprecedented speed, enhancing customer satisfaction and their competitive edge.

The invoicing process underwent a similar revolution. Before Simpro, generating an invoice could take up to 30 days after a job was completed, a lag that significantly delayed cash flow. With Simpro's integration, invoices were ready in as little as two days, accelerating payment times from an average of 60 days to under 30. Moreover, the time office staff spent manually invoicing customers plummeted by 90%, freeing up valuable resources for strategic tasks rather than administrative tasks.

Inventory management transformed the way TEAMWired tracked materials in the shop and on the trucks. The utilization of the geographic feature within the Simpro mobile app allows TEAMWired to send specific technicians to jobs based on their current location and inventory on their truck. This has resulted in less lost/misplaced equipment, tools, and materials for TEAMWired.

Cultural Shift and Workforce Empowerment

Beyond the numbers, the adoption of Simpro heralded a cultural and technological shift within TEAMWired. The company moved from a reliance on paper job tickets to a digital dispatch system, directly impacting their technicians' daily routines.

"Our technicians love Simpro. They don't have to come to the office every day anymore to pick up paper job tickets of their daily job's led to happier employees, less wear and tear on vehicles, and a significant reduction in missing parts because we plan a week at a time," Lambert explains.

As a result, technicians could complete twice the amount of jobs in a day, significantly boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

Simpro also played a critical role in workforce management, particularly in tracking licensing and training requirements. Lambert shares, "We do utilize Simpro to keep track of our technicians' licensing, their expiration, and their training... it's been a game-changer for us." This functionality ensured that TEAMWired remained compliant with industry standards and that their technicians were always ready and qualified for the job at hand.

Enhanced Customer Experience

TEAMWired leveraged Simpro's capabilities to launch a customer portal, offering a seamless and efficient interaction for their clients. This digital innovation, coupled with improved payment collection methods, not only streamlined internal processes but also significantly enhanced the customer service experience, reinforcing TEAMWired's reputation as a customer-centric company.

A Path to Continued Growth

Since integrating Simpro, TEAMWired has witnessed a remarkable 65% growth in revenue, a testament to the power of embracing the right technological tools. TEAMWired also doubled the size of their technician team due to new business demands. This transformation journey from manual processes to automated excellence showcases the potential for businesses to evolve and thrive in the digital age. TEAMWired's success story is not just about adopting new software; it's about how a strategic shift towards operational efficiency can redefine a company's trajectory towards sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

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