Field service project management software

Create project plans, manage team members and keep on track and on budget with Simpro Premium’s project management capabilities.

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What can a field service project management platform do for you?

Take the stress out of managing your projects by understanding how your project is tracking and keeping your team on the same page. Manage tasks and dependencies, highlight exceptions, efficiently procure materials and manage schedules. Plus, access a real-time view of your costs, active jobs and tasks with the project dashboard.

Project Estimating

Save time calculating project costs

The more accurate your estimate, the more likely you are to meet project goals within budget. Calculate project costs with takeoff templates, pre-built assemblies, individual catalog items, labor rates, subcontractor costs, contingencies and disbursements.
Or use the Takeoffs add-on to create fast and accurate take offs and give you access to the smart symbol recognition tool and get even more quotes out the door.

Project Management

Reach every milestone of your project

Keep projects on track and on budget with a field service project management platform. Once your quote is accepted, assign tasks, resources and materials, and easily separate operational costs for each phase. As the project progresses, use Gantt chart views to track task status and manage any dependencies.

Progress Billing

Improve cash flow with field service project management software

Keep project invoicing and billing organized and accurate by generating deposits, requests for claims, progress claims, final claims and retention claims. Specify the amounts to claim or let Simpro Premium work out what costs have been incurred to date and how much should be billed.


Level-up with field service project management software

Create detailed and accurate project estimates and quotes

Simpro provides the tools for you to calculate labor, material, travel and other overhead costs involved in a project so you can easily create estimates. In your Simpro database, request and compare supplier quotes to get the best project pricing on materials from your suppliers. Then, send an email through Simpro for easy online quote acceptance with digital customer signature.

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Estimate more easily with digital take off templates, labor rates and discounts

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Customize the presentation and formatting of your quotesso you stand out from the crowd

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Easily convert quotes into project jobs and add variations to accommodate extra work

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Get a clear understanding of project estimated vs actual costs

Make sure you have the right materials for project stages

View required and assigned materials and see what you have in stock at any project stage. Throughout a project, easily compare materials required versus materials used. Procure additionally required items from your wholesalers using your pricing and the wholesaler’s part numbers based on your standard buy pricing or specific project pricing.

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Ensure the right materials are ordered at the right time

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Generate reports on inventory value

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Connect to supplier catalogs for easy price comparisons

See the bigger picture with smart scheduling and dispatching software

Complex projects call for software that can handle the nuances of project scheduling and dispatching. Make organizing project staff easy with Simpro Premium.

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Bulk-schedule multiple field staff members and their equipment ensuring no schedule conflicts

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See what you want, when you want, with a variety of scheduling options to maximize the efficiency of project scheduling processes

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Provide employees and contractors with controlled access to relevant information with Simpro Mobile or portals in Simpro Premium

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Send automatic reminders and notifications to customers and staff to keep everyone informed of project progress

Connect the field to the office with field service mobile software

Eliminate the spreadsheets, clunky software and confusion. Simpro Premium together with Simpro Mobile make project management easy in the field and in the office.

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Field staff have easy access to site history, job notes, work schedules and more from a mobile device or tablet

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Field staff can create jobs, track time, record job details and capture photos while in the field to keep your project moving

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Field staff can access safety and compliance audits in the field

Improve your project cash flow

Whether your projects are single or multi-phase, keep cash flowing with Simpro Premium’s invoicing and payments features.

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Simpro allows you to easily generate invoices, deposit invoices, progress invoices and retainage claims.

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Make payment for big jobs easy with a range of payment options

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Integrate with your accounting solutions. Seamlessly export invoices from Simpro into your existing accounting software for streamlined accounts receivable management

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Working on a multi-stage project? Issue an invoice after each stage via email with progress claims then, track payments to keep cash flow positive and monitor your remaining balance

Set your business up for success

Generate a range of comprehensive reports to help you manage cash flow, reduce costs, forecast required resources and discover other vital business insights. Simpro Premium’s reporting features give you real-time visibility into workforce productivity, clear inventory tracking to keep warehouse managers informed and provide financial details for better decision making.

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Use BI Reporting for customized reports and dashboards

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Access Work in Progress reports to keep projects on track

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Schedule reports to run on an automatic basis and get them emailed to key stakeholders

Boost profits with field service project management software

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Track your field staff vehicles, create custom forms, send automated text messages and so much more with these unique software add-ons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Project management software puts everything you need to manage a project in one place. Estimates, scheduling, project tracking, Gantt charts, project overview dashboards, progress billing and reporting. Simply? It helps ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Cloud-based project management software is a complete software solution for your business which runs off the “cloud”. That means anywhere you have Internet access, you’ll have access to your project management software.

While there are myriad benefits of project management software, our top benefits include: Reduced risk of project going off track and budget, less time spent on data entry, better communication between all stakeholders, clear understanding where projects stand in real time, improving the accuracy of estimating and costing.

Project management features to look for in a software include: Automated tasks and notifications, reporting tools, estimating features and invoicing capabilities. Other features include project planning dashboards, tools for inventory tracking, automated billing and other solutions that connect the different parts of your project workflow.

Yes! Simpro Mobile is the best way to keep your field staff up-to-date with all project communications, timelines and changes. Check out our information on Simpro Mobile.

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