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“Our customers wanted to have quicker updates…where they can see in real-time what’s planned, what we’re doing and invoices that need to be paid…so we gave them the customer portal”

Lorene Maher, Director

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Auckland, NZ

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HVAC, refrigeration and electrical

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Story summary

RCR Infrastructure started in 1898 as an engineering company in Western Australia, founded by Ernest and Edward Tomlinson and known simply as the Tomlinson Bros. After various acquisitions and name changes Tomlinson Bros. became RCR Infrastructure.

With multiple offices dotted around New Zealand, the team quickly tired of running their systems through paper-based means. When RCR Infrastructure’s data management workflow slowed down operations, it was time to adopt a better system.

Lorene Maher, director at RCR Infrastructure, needed a digital tool that was customer focused and able to create a seamless customer journey from start to finish. Simpro’s Customer Portal allowed the team to provide quicker updates, send quotes and invoices and keep customers informed about their projects!

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