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“We can probably put a quote out ten times quicker than what we were doing from spreadsheets.”

Ben Edwards, Director

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The challenges

Missed opportunities

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Before discovering Simpro, BGE Digital primarily ran their business using spreadsheets.

Running the business on paper-based systems meant that information was difficult to locate and equipment was not properly tracked.

Without visibility of their resources, the company was unable to rapidly create quotes and was missing out on valuable work opportunities.

After moving the company to a cloud-based accounting solution, BGE Digital’s Director, Ben Edwards, quickly realized that working from the cloud was more efficient, not only for their accounting, but for the entire business.

“We tried two or three different platforms, and these other platforms were not cloud-based which caused a big headache,” Ben said.

“We really needed to concentrate on growing the business rather than worrying about IT issues. So, finding a cloud-based solution like Simpro worked really well for us and still does.”

The results

A feature for every challenge

Despite the challenge of transitioning from paper to a cloud-based solution, Ben believes that it was worth the effort.

“Once you’ve got your head in [Simpro] and once you’ve spent time with it, it’s very, very user friendly. Our staff and both administrators are wizzes at it now,” Ben said.

With Simpro fully operating, the team at BGE Digital was able to find a solution for each challenge they faced.

  • Simpro Mobile: allows BGE field service staff to receive and update job cards in the field, in real time.
  • Simpro Customer Portal: allows BGE customers to access job progress and other important information.
  • Simpro Maintenance Planner: allows the business to have a better handle on both planned and reactive maintenance.
  • Simpro quoting features: helps the business template quotes for large scale jobs with multiple pre-builds for faster quote creation and distribution.

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With all of these Simpro features solving the pressing challenges at BGE Digital, the business was able to grow beyond their expectations.

“Our business has more than doubled since putting in Simpro,” Ben said. “From a staff point of view, it’s actually allowed us to get through so much more work that we’ve been able to double our administration team and actually double our field service team as well.”

With Simpro’s streamlined platform, the whole team at BGE Digital has also been able to win more quotes.

“Speedy responses, for example, are a massive part of winning work. If you can get back to someone quickly [you’ll win more work], and then you’re going through the Simpro method, not worrying about how the quote looks at the end because it’s all been pre-designed,” Ben explained.

Word of advice?

Keep your workforce happy

“If you can remove the frustration around slow workflows from your workforce, then you’ll find that everything runs so much smoother.

It’s allowed us to have more work on the books and actually plan for more work, which is what has caused us to keep growing. So I’d definitely say that Simpro has helped us keep our team happy.”

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