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“Simpro hit on a majority of everything that we were looking for. We rolled out Simpro in phases; Simpro has been great with the evolution along the way and has hit on a lot of the needs that we have. Simpro offers great growth opportunities with their capabilities.”

Andrew Confer, Chief Financial Officer

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Orion Security Solutions: Elevating Security Service Standards with Simpro

In the evolving landscape of security integration, Orion Security Solutions (Orion), based in Oklahoma, has distinguished itself as a leader in delivering comprehensive security system services to all industries across the United States. Founded in 2008 by owners with extensive experience in securing U.S. embassies worldwide, Orion started from humble beginnings. From a founder’s living room to now three offices in Oklahoma City, OK, Tulsa, OK, and Las Vegas, NV with employees across six states. Orion offers a wide array of solutions, including access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and advanced security features like facial recognition, LiDAR and radar. Orion's journey of growth is a testament to its excellence, innovation, and desire to protect its customers, people and assets.

The heart of Orion's operational success has been its ability to leverage field and asset maintenance software, which has revolutionized how Orion manages its projects and customer relations. Before 2019, Orion relied on spreadsheets and basic digital tools for project management. This approach, however, could not keep up with the company's rapid growth and the complexity of its operations.

Embracing Change for Operational Excellence

Simpro’s comprehensive field and asset management platform allowed Orion to streamline its operations, from sales and design to procurement, project management and accounting. This all-in-one solution provided much-needed visibility and standardization across all departments, enhancing efficiency and job profitability - marking a significant turning point for the company.

Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Confer shared, “Simpro hit on a majority of everything that we were looking for. We rolled out Simpro in phases; our service department first added material-only sales, followed by small projects and then larger projects. Finally, the technicians utilized the mobile app. Simpro has been great with the evolution along the way. It offers great growth opportunities due to its capabilities.”

Orion's meticulous implementation of Simpro, starting with the service department and gradually extending to the entire project lifecycle, exemplifies a well-thought-out digital transformation strategy. Confer further stated, “There were so many change management and process improvements that we had to go through”. In the field, Simpro's mobile app further empowered Orion's employees by providing instant access to project details, drawings, materials and documentation, thereby enhancing on-site efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A Partnership Fueled by Innovation and Growth

Since partnering with Simpro, Orion has witnessed remarkable improvements in efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction. The platform's real-time data access has enabled the team to make informed decisions swiftly and deliver customized security solutions that exceed expectations. "Taking pride in protecting people and assets is at our core, with 90% of our work being through referrals. Simpro has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency, saving us ample time and money," says Richard Faught, Senior Sales Director at Orion.

2023 stood out as a milestone for Orion, setting new records in revenue generation, job fulfillment and overall profitability. The company expanded its workforce by 25%, a testament to its robust growth trajectory. Furthermore, both job assignments and revenue saw an upward surge, exceeding the 25% mark. This remarkable progress underscores Orion's core principles of dedication, honor, integrity and elite execution.

Denise Cummings, Controller at Orion, shares her positive experiences about the partnership support, stating, “We always have a direct line to Simpro via chat, and if they need additional time to sort an answer, they quickly follow up via email.” This feedback underscores the personalized and responsive nature of Simpro's Support team, significantly boosting Orion’s response speed to customers and overall service satisfaction.

Orion's introduction of its Customer Portal has significantly streamlined and enhanced client engagement. Faught praises the portal's immediate impact, noting, "I can't say enough how much it's helped us with our clients. It has been a game changer." He highlights a specific instance where a client independently accessed a substantial number of documents. Faught emphasized, "It saved me probably three days' worth of work. It really gives us a lot of efficiency and has saved us a lot of time and money on the internal cost side."

Confer said, “Customers have given us so much positive feedback about the Customer Portal. They have loved having access to their data, real-time projects status, being able to request projects and services and seeing all of their invoices in one place.” This innovation not only creates effective communication but also empowers clients with direct access to critical information, marking a substantial improvement in service delivery and internal operations.

Looking Ahead

Orion's story is a powerful illustration of how an impressive security background and the right technology can transform business operations, driving growth and enhancing customer satisfaction. As Orion continues to expand its services and refine its processes, its partnership with Simpro remains a cornerstone of its success, demonstrating the potential of innovative solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the security solutions industry.

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