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“Simpro had exactly what I was looking for. In regards to the interface itself and the simplicity of being able to generate reports quite easily”

Donovan Crowie, Managing Director

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Electrical Automation

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Saintronics was founded in 2018 by Managing Director, Donovan Crowie. Noticing a gap in the market, Saintronics specializes in the testing and commissioning of metro, high speed and light rail vehicles within Asia. While working at a previous job, Crowie saw the lead time on repairs and servicing within the rail industry could take up to six months as vehicles had to be sent back to Germany. So he thought “hey, why not do all of that locally in Singapore?”.

Saintronics also provides after sales care. It ranges from fixing technical issues with customer vehicles to general maintenance and repairs.

Before Simpro, Saintronics were using a mixture of paper-based methods and programmes such as Microsoft Word and Excel to run their business. Crowie was finding it increasingly difficult to locate warranty documents, serial numbers and purchase orders the more the business grew. So he knew something had to change. Crowie had tried other software solutions, but found fairly early on he didn’t gel with the interface, or the software just didn’t suit his business. And that’s when he came across Simpro.

There was no longer missing paperwork, purchase orders could be found in an instant and any outstanding tasks that needed to be completed were easily kept track of. One of the biggest improvements Crowie noticed was toward the managing of assets. Crowie said “I can see who is responsible for each particular asset, I just click into the asset and the information is there. That’s saved me a lot of time”. Crowie also stated that around “90% of leads turn into jobs” so with that in mind, the workflow Simpro provides from the quote stage right through to invoicing is very smooth.

The last thing you want to be doing in business is under-selling your services. It turns out that’s exactly what Saintronics was doing. Crowie said “If I had Simpro earlier, I would have made a lot more profit because I would have understood my margins”. With Simpro, Crowie can accurately run reports on the businesses profit and loss, to better forecast jobs.

Keep your profits on the right track and streamline your asset management, just like Saintronics have done. Contact Simpro to find out how we can support your business.

Find out how we can support your business.