Our software for running a fire protection company will fire up your business growth and streamlines your entire workflow.

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How SIMPRO will help your business

Get the best system to upscale your fire protection field service

Easily manage your business workflows from installation to preventative maintenance with software designed for the fire protection industry. Have one connected solution to cover multiple touchpoints.

Effortless tracking product composition
Effortless tracking

Run your business on cloud-based job management software to track service work from the office to the field.

Easy asset management product composition
Easy asset management

Simplify maintenance management with features for asset testing, preventative maintenance planning, and recurring invoicing.

Get a bird’s eye view product composition
Get a bird’s eye view

Uncover business profitability with data-driven insights using more than 60 standard reports and custom reporting dashboards.


Manage your fire protection jobs from start to finish

Turn up the heat on your asset management program

Optimize your asset management process to improve efficiency, reduce costs and build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

  • Turn up the heat on your asset management program

    Optimize your asset management process to improve efficiency, reduce costs and build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

  • Make every Fire service contract profitable

    Know which contracts are making or costing you money. Assign asset maintenance work to a customer contract and report separately on contract profitability vs customer profitability.

  • Fine-tune profitability on large volume or complex contracts

    With the Maintenance Planner add-on. Adjust service levels and pre-build charge rates, adjust for inflation and even apply rate overrides for sites where asset testing is more complicated.

  • Provide outstanding customer service

    Know everything about every asset you maintain. Build a database of all customer assets including basic details, test readings, attachments as well as, using Maintenance Planner, service levels.

  • Send the best person for the job

    Build better business relationships by sending the best-suited technician to the job. Add a preferred technician to a customer or site, or those with the right skills for specific asset types or service level, and they will be automatically assigned to the relevant jobs.

  • Accelerate your asset testing with Simpro Mobile

    Reduce testing times and improve data accuracy. Scan a barcode or QR code to find the right record, view and reuse test history and notes, or conduct a new asset test, with all data saved back into Simpro Premium.

  • Reduce office time

    Replacing or installing an asset? Create and test new assets straight from the job or quote to save back office administration.

Accurately cost all jobs

Break down labor and material costs with fire protection field service software. Quickly create, update and schedule quotes for your jobs.

  • Customizable quotes

    Create and present multiple customized quote options from the office or on-site. Plus, easily make updates based on preferences for materials, labor and pricing.

  • Accurate supplier pricing

    If you have an online account with one of your suppliers, set up automatic catalog syncing to receive updated prices instead of manually importing them.

  • Actual vs. estimated cost tracking

    Track spending against your estimated budget and quickly adjust your current budget to account for any changes.

Accurately manage inventory

Control inventory, quickly order stock and manage your warehouse.

  • Manage stock from anywhere

    See what you have in stock, where it is located and get updates as they happen from your staff in the field.

  • Get stock alerts

    Set minimum and restock levels to receive alerts when items need restocking.

  • Complete faster, more accurate stocktakes

    Transfer stock between storage locations or do a full stocktake with ease. Work from the desktop or via the online Barcoding Portal, combined with a barcode scanner, on a tablet.

  • Know stock status at all times

    See what just got restocked, what got transferred from storage to a job and manage adjustments.

Save time using a fire protection field service software

Schedule staff, manage teams and organize equipment for every job.

  • Manage teams

    Lean into the power of time-saving automation and digital shortcuts with effective people and resource management, including job scheduling, customer management and simple communication tools.

  • Log time

    Simpro Mobile lets your staff clock in and out from the field quickly.

  • Track fleet

    Know where your team is at with Simtrac, perfect for assigning the nearest, most qualified team member, to the next job.

  • Schedule maintenance

    Create alerts for asset failures and easily automate job creation for preventative maintenance work.

Keep work on track

Track fire protection work from the office on your desktop or out in the field from a phone or tablet.

  • Manage jobs

    Access job history, job, attachments, and other information about the job without leaving the job site or calling the office.

  • Improve communication

    Keep customers informed and enhance customer service with automated service reminders and maintenance completion notifications.

  • Track progress

    Get real-time updates and syncing between office and field about job progress from start to finish with Simpro Mobile.

Save time and generate cashflow

Easily and quickly generate invoices and create payment processes for your fire protection business.

  • Flexible payments

    Keep cash flowing by accepting payment from the office, via the Customer Portal or use the Simpro Mobile add-on to collect payment in the field using a payment integration provider.

  • On-site invoice creation

    Use Simpro Mobile to view, create, update, complete, and send invoices on-site in real-time.

  • Accounting integrations

    Seamlessly connect to leading cloud accounting software to keep financial data accurate and transparent across systems.

  • Recurring payment automations

    Recurring job? Set up automatic invoicing and payments. Easily integrate with your existing accounting software.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A fire protection field service software has multiple features that can allow your business to grow. It allows for jobs and asset maintenance, optimizes business workflows, automates processes and streamlines compliance reporting among other features.

A fire protection software allows your fire protection company to thrive thanks to all those features mentioned above. It also provides insight into opportunities for growth with automated business reports that provide a bird’s eye view of meticulous data and information.

A fire protection service software increases efficiencies by providing cloud-based job management, automated asset maintenance, streamlining of workflows, improved communications and fleet tracking among other features.

Simpro also offers multiple integrations and add-ons that work with programs like Outlook, Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.), Honeywell, Payment Integration providers and Taxify among others. To learn more about Simpro’s integrations, click here.

Yes, it does! The Simpro mobile app is available to connect your teams to jobs and back to the office.

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