HVAC Apps for 2024: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Service

May 3, 2024

The Nitty Gritty

  • Growing your HVAC business today requires taking advantage of the latest software
  • HVAC apps can streamline work processes and increase job accuracy and efficiency
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HVAC businesses have a lot of moving parts, literally! Managing any field service business takes effort, but thanks to the latest technology and access, work processes have more potential efficiency than ever.

Many manual work processes have gone digital, meaning some of the pitfalls with physical documentation and references have become efficient resources you can access straight from any smartphone.

So here’s our picks in one handy list!

H2 The Top 20 HVAC Apps to Rock Your Efficiency

What’s the right HVAC app for your business? We’ve found 20 of the latest apps for HVAC businesses to streamline their processes and improve in-the-field work.

We’ve split this list into four main categories:

  • Field service business management
  • In-the-field HVAC apps
  • Calculation and reference tools
  • HVAC training

The right HVAC apps for your career and business will combine what works best for you. Whether you’re just starting your small business or looking for the next step to encourage growth, technology is an indispensable tool.

If they sound interesting, take them for a spin. You might find your next favorite app in this list!

HVAC Business Management

Field service management has gone digital, and while these aren’t specifically HVAC apps, we’ve listed some of the best apps to help your HVAC business grow.

1. Simpro

That’s us! Simpro is an all-in-one software solution to streamline your field service business and work processes. This is the best HVAC app for growing and established businesses, no matter your team or needs.

Grow Your Business in a Few Steps

Growth isn’t just about more income; it’s about maximizing your resources and minimizing costly mistakes. Many mistakes come from manual errors with paperwork, time tracking, invoicing and more. Take it all digital with Simpro and benefit from all your vital documentation and reporting at you and your team’s fingertips.

Manage Your HVAC Jobs

With integrated scheduling to keep your team on time, accurate cost-tracking to keep your budget in check and real-time updates from the field, manage your business from anywhere with Simpro’s robust suite.

Send the best person for the job and track equipment with asset management while providing stellar customer service and reducing costly office time.

Experiment Our Add-ons

It doesn’t stop there! Check out Simpro’s add-ons for even more tools and value. This includes:

  • Google Email/Calendar integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Honeywell integration
  • Maintenance planner
  • simPOS, our point of sale system
  • Stripe and Square payments
  • Taxify interaction
  • SMS plans
  • Simpro Takeoffs

The Simpro mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Mailchimp

You may have heard of Mailchimp before, and for good reason: they’re an industry leader in email marketing and streamlining your business marketing.

This isn’t strictly an HVAC app, but we’ve included it in the list as a business at any size will benefit from a professional marketing campaign. Starting a field service business can be a struggle, especially getting your name out there in the market.

Mailchimp is designed to help small businesses grow with a streamlined marketing solution, and they start with free plans. The options and plans can be overwhelming, but it’s worth considering for a marketing plan for your HVAC business.

The app is available for both iOS and Google Play.

3. NiceJob

Not specifically a HVAC app, NiceJob focuses on the marketing and reputation side of a business. Reputation takes time to build, and for field service businesses, good reputation and trust is vital to growth. The time it takes can hurt smaller businesses, so, fortunately, NiceJob offers a solution.

It’s designed for small businesses to streamline their review generation, referrals and social media content. The app is available for iOS and Google Play, and NiceJob offers a free demo.

4. FleetSharp

As with the other apps in this section, this isn’t a HVAC app, but it can benefit your field service business. Growth is great, but it comes with its own challenges, such as fleet management for jobs. FleetSharp uses GPS tracking and mapping to keep track of your fleet, equipment and team members. Monitor your fleet in real-time, track road safety and get insights into your fleet organization.

This app for HVAC businesses also offers asset tracking to make sure your equipment is safe and up-to-date. It’s a paid service, and FleetSharp provides free training and support in addition to all the benefits of the service.

It’s available on both iOS and Android.

5. CompanyCam

Accurate and timely documentation is a must for business growth, but being in field service work and moving between different jobs and projects can make this a difficult process.

CompanyCam aims to streamline your documentation and protect your business with its photo-based documentation system. You and your crew can get real-time images of jobs-in-progress and finished work organized in one handy HVAC app on all your devices.

It can be a lot for a team to adapt to, but CompanyCam offers customer help and video lessons. They offer a free demo, and the app is available on both iOS and Google Play.

6. Jobber HVAC Invoice Generator

It’s all in the name! This HVAC site assists you in generating quick invoices by simply inputting the details in the required fields. While this isn’t strictly an app, it is available on browsers and mobile devices and can generate invoices in a pinch.

It’s free and handy on the go, but for a more robust solution, software suites like Simpro can help with all aspects of field service business management.

In-The-Field Efficiency and Servicing

These apps focus on issues, servicing and tools specific to HVAC businesses. This includes servicing, part sourcing and diagnostics. These apps work with specific brands and systems to provide you with specialized assistance.

7. Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist

Also known as CE HVAC Pro+, this HVAC app is designed by CE to give you access to everything you need for efficiency and accuracy in the field.

If your field service business often works with Carrier products, this HVAC app can help streamline your work processes by providing information about their products, parts and relevant documentation. Get real-time pricing and availability on parts, as well as a branch finder and warranty information.

The app also includes a selection of calculators. (For more, read on in this article!)

The app is free and available on iOS and Google Play.

8. CoolCloud HVAC

The CoolCloud HVAC app is designed to streamline the servicing of Goodman and Amana brand units with Bluetooth connections directly to the air and furnace control boards. The app is available on both iOS and Google Play.

The benefits of this app are the ability to diagnose issues directly from a smartphone device or tablet, using the dashboard for different modes to reduce manual labor. In addition, access previous service data and notes from other contractors about the history of the device and system. This can save you time and effort.

The primary downside is the limitations of the available connections. This HVAC app is designed to connect only to Goodman and Amana brand units. Bluetooth can occasionally be unreliable, depending on the device and the unit itself.

A great app for those who work with Goodman and Amana units regularly!

9. iManifold

iManifold demonstrates how technology improves not only HVAC systems but also the servicing process for HVAC technicians. iManifold uses years of industry experience and the latest tech to provide in-depth diagnostics and measurements on a variety of systems.

It presents data in an easy-to-read format on your devices, which means no manual calculations are required.

The iManifold Pro+ is the companion HVAC app for this tech and offers measurements, diagnostics, analytics and reporting in one app. It’s available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

10. Gemaire HVAC Pro+

The Gemaire HVAC Pro+ app is designed to integrate with the services they offer and complete your toolkit. This differs from the above offerings as it doesn’t work with specifically one brand or supplier; instead, it is designed to work with various HVAC parts, supplies and equipment.

Find nearby Gemaire locations, track orders and supplies, find the parts you need, and store warranties in one handy app.

It integrates with a Gemaire account and brings all the benefits to your cell phone device! Available on iOS and Android.

11. Bluon HVAC

Boasting the largest database for HVAC parts and equipment, this is one of the best HVAC apps for professionals, by professionals. The Bluon database covers over 200 HVAC equipment and parts brands, as well as original manuals and cross-references.

They also provide a huge community, connecting contractors and field service businesses with contractors, alongside robust business support in their Bluon for Business package.

The basic app is free to download for iOS and Android, and Bluon offers business packages for larger teams and offices.

Calculation Tools and Reference

These next HVAC apps are some of the best for streamlining field calculations for greater accuracy and efficiency, and they include important reference information. Avoid the pitfalls of manual calculations with these apps!

12. HVAC Fault Finder

Provided by Emerson Climate, HVAC Fault Finder is an app version of the robust desktop software, so you can take the suite with you wherever field service takes you.

HVAC Fault Finder provides on-site compressor troubleshooting for a variety of air conditioning and refrigerating applications by providing easy access to necessary equipment specifications. It assists with diagnosing by providing the ability to directly interface with the system and tips and tricks depending on the alert/error code.

This HVAC app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

13. Ref Tools

Ref Tools is an all-in-one suite of tools created by Danfoss for HVAC technicians. They’ve streamlined their old apps into one easy-to-use HVAC app, available from any device.

These tools include:


  • Refrigerant Slider
  • Low GWP Tool
  • Spare Parts
  • TXV Superheat Tuner
  • Magnetic Tool
  • Product Finder
  • Podcasts

Ref Tools is available for iOS and Android devices and directly from your browser.

14. Superheat and Subcooling Calculator

The Superheat and Subcooling Calculator isn’t an HVAC app, however, it’s so handy we’ve included it as part of our tools list! It’s exactly what it says on the tin: just put in the suction and liquid line pressure values/temperatures and calculate!

You can switch between R4 10A and R22 refrigerants with one click.

Both a benefit and a downside is this isn’t a dedicated HVAC app: it’s a plus as it isn’t yet another app (especially as it has a specific use) but does require an internet connection as you have to use a browser on a desktop or mobile device.

15. Duct Calc Elite

As the name implies, Duct Calculator Elite is an app for HVAC duct calculations. It has a straightforward design and layout to make finding the necessary formulas easy to calculate duct size, velocity, pressure drop, and flow rate.

The intuitive interface means users can input specific values and the ability to change the units of a variety of measurements, materials, temperature and even elevation. Both imperial and metric systems are covered!

This HVAC app is available on iOS and Google Play for a one-time payment of $6.99. If you need a robust, easy-to-use calculator for field service work, this is the one for you.

16. HyTools

Offered by IMI Hydronic Engineering, HyTools is an HVAC app focused on hydronic calculations and tools to help you manage complex formulas and values. Like other calculators in this list, it does a niche and does it well.

Features include a hydronic calculator, dirt and air separation pressure drop calculation, radiator power estimation, pipe sizing, Zeparo G-Force ZG and TA-Modulator.

The app is available for free on iOS and Google Play. It also features 16 language options!

17. HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy offers not one but two HVAC apps as part of their suite to cover everything you need to accurately determine proper refrigerant charges to pressure-temperature relationships of these blends. As with other calculators, this takes the pressure off intricate manual calculations.

The apps on offer are:

-HVAC Charging & Diagnostic: over 100 refrigerants covered, calculates superheat, subcooling and airflow targets, system status reports, and syncs customer units/diagnostics to the cloud

-HVAC Pressure Temperature: pressure-temperature relationships for over 100 refrigerants, one-degree increments in both metric and imperial units, and the thermodynamic properties of these chemicals.

HVAC Buddy provides the best HVAC apps when it comes to the chemical properties of refrigerants! It’s available on both iOS and Android.

Training and Development

These HVAC apps are more focused on technicians at the start of their journey: students and apprentices aspiring to become fully-fledged journeymen.

This doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer businesses, but they are focused more on individual skills development than the needs of running a field service business.

18. HVAC School

Whether you’re just starting your journey in HVAC or need that extra reference in the field, HVAC School is an HVAC app for technicians, by technicians. At first glance, it might seem like an app solely for students, but in an industry like HVAC, it’s vital to keep up with new technology and developments.

The HVAC School app is a combination of references, tips, tools and a dedicated podcast covering everything new techs need to know, as well as the latest developments in the industry. It’s a robust tool that can bolster anyone’s knowledge.

For busy businesses, it might not be as useful. New techs and students will benefit the most. The app is available on iOS and Google Play as a free download.

19. SkillCat

This HVAC app is a trade teacher, assistant and community, all-in-one, to help aspiring HVAC technicians become professionals. SkillCat offers entirely online courses, from start to finish, to assist students in gaining their qualifications.

The SkillCat app allows you to take your trade school on the go, with diplomas, continuing education and a robust community to help anyone get their start in the HVAC industry.

The cost of programs depends on the qualification, but the app itself is free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

20. HVAC Test Pro

An excellent HVAC app for aspiring HVAC technicians, HVAC Test Pro by HVAC Prep provides a variety of practice tests to guide students' learning and direct their training.

Their all-in-one platform includes a question bank to familiarize students with test format, progress reports, instant test results and statistics. The app also provides detailed explanations of the answers to questions, allowing learners to understand and break down topics.

The app is free to use, with in-app purchases for additional features. It’s available on iOS and Google Play.

Strengthen Your Business with Simpro’s Tools for HVAC Teams!

Now that you’ve seen our top 20 picks for HVAC apps, you might be ready to try some out to maximize your field service efficiency. Simpro offers many benefits for HVAC businesses, from time tracking to reporting, in one streamlined package.

Give your businesses a boost with Simpro!