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Our story

It started with tools and a lot of tough work

Back in 2002, before smartphones existed or you could Google your business, Simpro was born. The founder, Stephen Bradshaw, an electrical contractor, was eager to grow his business and challenge his competition.

But, he was stuck under a pile of paper and never-ending spreadsheets (commonplace back then). Sick of being held back by slow and frustrating methods, he searched for a better way. It didn’t exist. So he built it.

Let’s face it, why outwork the competition when you can outsmart them?

He had a vision, but needed help bringing it to life–cue a partnership with a tech-savvy engineering student, Vaughan McKillop. The two Brissy legends (yep, Simpro came from the land down under), teamed up, developed and tested the software.

Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into that process. But it worked, and, it got fellow tradies buzzing––what is this software and how do we get our hands on it? It wasn’t long before Simpro became the digital power tool of the trades, trusted by thousands of trade businesses across the world.

But our success doesn’t mean that we have big egos. We’re still a trade business at heart, driven to help others. We take pride in rolling up our sleeves and building smart technology that lasts, knowing that the satisfaction of a job done right, with a great crew, is its own reward. It doesn't get any more trade than that.

Now, let’s get to work.

Our Offices

We’re here for trades all around the world.

While the Simpro HQ is located in Brisbane, Australia we have offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand offering our customers local support and expertise.


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