For Franchises or Multi-location

Ideal for Unique Business Structures

Make managing complex business structures simple, with Simpro Premium.

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Who It’s For

For franchises, multiple businesses, or multiple locations

Complex businesses can be messy. Let Simpro Premium bring calm to the chaos. Our tech team (or solution geniuses as we like to call them) will scope, plan and deploy a solution that aligns with your processes so you can continue conquering your world and keep business churning.

Simpro Premium has a solution for:
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Companies that share some, but not all information.

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Companies that require separation for accounting purposes.

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Companies that have different workflows or job requirements.

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Companies that need to maintain brand identity while sharing key information.

What it does

Work smarter with Simpro Premium

Decide Which Information to Share

Determine how jobs are managed and who can see what information. Cross-functional HVAC and electrical businesses may need to share job information for work on the same site, for example.

Also share:

  • Customer contacts
  • Supplier catalogs
  • Key data
  • Inventory
  • System setup

Maintain Brand Identity

Set permission levels to access information within each solution or across the group. Quickly add new companies from a pre-formed template and apply branding as needed.

Take Control of Financials

Get a bird’s-eye view

Generate reports across companies individually, or together for increased visibility. If you need to limit information sharing, easily set permission levels across different groups.

Keep accurate financial data

Connect your financials to your tailored Simpro Premium solution. Then, choose to manage your companies’ accounts as one, or alternatively, as separate entities.

Business Hosting and Security

Dedicated cloud hosting

We provide a private, customized cloud solution that can accommodate high volumes of data, large databases, data sovereignty and systems that require specialized security.

Data security in the cloud

Data security is a primary focus in all Simpro processes. We pride ourselves on maintaining strong security practices via the Simpro cloud certification and testing standards that are applied to all of our secure data centres.

  • Data centers
  • Secure environments
  • Offshore storage
  • Simpro cloud certification and testing standards

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For Franchises or Multi-location

Comprehensive field service management software for unique business structures

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For large complex enterprises and franchises

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Multi-company trades

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Multiple workflows

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