Simpro Tools: What is Field Service Management

What is job management software? Take a crash course on trade job management software with Simpro expert, Enterprise Account Executive, Adam Liptak, to learn about the best field service management features to help you take back time, win more jobs and grow your business.

What's the biggest difference between using paper to manage your trade business vs. tech? The simple answer: You get more time, more insights and more control of your business when you manage it all from one spot.

But there’s more to it than that. Adam Liptak is an Enterprise Account Executive for Simpro. In his role, he works with trade business employees and owners in many different industries. While they all run their business in unique ways, they all share many of the same issues that led them to bring on trade job management software. The biggest problem they all share? A lack of clarity, communication and organization, that makes running the day-to-day tough and measuring the success of their business as a whole even tougher.

“You want to be able to clearly see the whole business. Where are your tickets? What projects have you got going on? What's the cash position for each project…what's the current inventory? Why would you create a quote if you don't have any items in stock or [what if] you want just to make sure you're on top of having everything in advance,” Liptak explains.

There's a lot of information, and a software solution like ours gives you the ability to see everything much more clearly. [That] is going to give you the ability to take on bigger and better projects and increase your profits.”

Simpro’s trade job management software is the only field service management software that lets business owners run multiple aspects of their business from one spot. This means that the whole team can stay up to date, in real-time, with changes in schedules, jobs and materials in stock and more.

“Everyone's going to have the one system to jump into, everyone's got that one view. Simpro… is the job management system that is a single source of truth,” Liptak says.

Listen to the full podcast for the complete rundown on the other top benefits of field service management software.

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