Track, Dispatch And Report On All The Details With Simtrac

Simtrac monitors and manages fleet vehicles in real time. Use GPS tracking to monitor vehicle movements, dispatch more efficiently and report on driver activity easily.

Dispatch With Confidence And Complete Fleet Visibility

Simtrac monitors fleet vehicles using GPS tracking for smarter dispatch, fleet management and driver activity logging. Usable standalone or as part of Simpro’s wider field-service management software.

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Increase Fleet Visibility

Harness live fleet tracking with embedded GPS to oversee travel, manage vehicles and utilize geofencing boundaries to create alerts when a vehicle arrives or leaves a job site.

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Optimize Driver Dispatch

Dispatch your nearest technician to a job with Simtrac linked to Simpro Premium. Send job details, get fleet service reminders and optimize your schedules with real-time info, maps and service zones.

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Report on Driver Safety and Vehicle Activity

Gain instant insights into fleet performance and receive alerts for excessive speeds or idling vehicles. Track travel distance, locations and trip lengths, then use that data for training, timesheets and fleet optimization.

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When a job comes in, we’re able to see who the closest technician is to that site so we’re able to respond to our customers fast.

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Start Tracking Your Fleet With Simtrac Today.

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