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Field service CRM software

Your business can’t exist without customers, so make sure you’re giving the best possible service powered by field service customer relationship management software. Built for both small and large businesses, Simpro’s products provide various CRM software solutions.

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Customer Portal

Improve customer satisfaction and give your customers a centralized location to view quotes, past and pending jobs, invoices and asset history.

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Full customer history

Never miss a thing with all customer communication and job information collected and easily accessible from one place.

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Customer search

Big database? No worries. Easily search and find customers among the crowd with a robust customer search.

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Job notes and attachments

Attach notes and photos to jobs so they’re viewable by team members throughout the office and field.

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CRM in the field

Customer management doesn’t stop in the office. With Simpro Mobile, your staff can manage customer and job data from anywhere.


Keep customers informed, on the run

Don’t let the day-to-day impact customer service! The Customer Portal in Simpro Premium is your best friend for customer management. It provides a centralized location for your customers to quickly view quotes, service history, past and pending jobs, invoices, assets and other important information. With designated access, customers can pay invoices, edit their contact and site information and request quotes for service. Plus, it cuts down on the queries your customer service team receives.

Customers can easily access and pay invoices in their own time.

Customers can access quotes and quote changes as they come through.

Customers have the power to update their details without having to call your office.

Customers can access asset history whenever they need it.

Customers can request quotes and book jobs online.

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Customer Portal

CRM for field service? We’ve got you covered.

What’s a CRM without up-to-date customer and job info? Not a CRM you’ll want to use! Luckily, Simpro Mobile isn’t one of these. Thanks to Simpro Mobile, your field staff can keep job details up-to-date while in the field. Plus, with real-time syncing back to the office, all new information added to jobs will be incorporated into the customer database as changes happen.

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Asset management

Remove back and forth with CRM field service software

Managing a full load of asset maintenance contracts? The Customer Portal combined with the Maintenance Planner removes the manual update process for your customers. Instead, your customers can view assets by site or asset type; view assets' service and transfer history and search and add assets to be serviced when requesting a quote or booking a job. Plus, customers can also search for test history and reports for planned preventative maintenance, defects and test history, by site and year.

Field service CRM software from the start to finish of jobs

It’s easy to lose track of customer updates and data, especially without a solid field service CRM. Luckily Simpro Premium's range of CRM features ensures all customer data, job information (past and present) as well as requests remain up to date and can be accessed by key stakeholders throughout the customer journey.

Collect customer information

Simpro Premium makes collecting customer details on the first interaction easy. Simply create a new customer profile and add in the relevant details. All details including site and job information will be stored in this profile. You can even add discounts or select preferred technicians when scheduling work for customers.

Keep customers informed

Keep customers informed and enhance customer service with automated appointment reminders, unpaid invoice and job completion notifications. Plus, use the Simpro SMS add-on to send text messages from the Simpro platform for seamless customer communication. Your team will even be kept up-to-date on jobs with real-time notifications via Simpro Mobile, text, email or desktop alerts.

Make invoicing and payments easy

Keep cash flowing while providing great customer service. Combining Simpro Mobile and Simpro Premium, you can invoice and accept payment in the field or from the office and have it all linked back to the customer profile. Even progress billing or recurring invoicing is automated, saving you and your team valuable time. Plus, customers can track job, invoicing and payment updates through the Customer Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may know that CRM stands for customer relationship management, you may be wondering how this is different for trade businesses. The short answer is that there are similarities and differences. A field service CRM is just like any other CRM in that it helps to organize and manage customer data while also ensuring good customer service. However, the difference between a standard CRM and a field service CRM is that a field service CRM specifically relates to the workflows of trade businesses. It’s software that allows you to capture customer data and manage the relationship you have with them by keeping up to date with job and detail changes.

Do you want to provide excellent customer service? Then field service CRM software is necessary. Just imagine if you called a customer not knowing what their last job with you was. Or, not being able to answer a question about a previous job if they called to enquire. With a field service CRM, you’ll never be in this position.

Just like managing customer data and information, software to help you manage your field service team is key to running an efficient business. If you’re looking for software to help you manage your field service team, look no further. Simpro offers a range of products to suit businesses of all sizes, in all industries and doing all types of work.

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