Elevate estimation accuracy with Simpro Takeoffs

There is a more efficient way to estimate. Simpro Takeoffs make estimating nimble, fast and smart.

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Takeoff estimating software that gives your estimation process wings

Produce fast and accurate take offs from anywhere with Simpro Premium’s take offs add-on. Upload a plan, set your scale and start drawing, measuring and marking up in an instant.

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Estimate faster

Say goodbye to manual calculations. With Simpro Takeoffs, you’ll breeze through estimates in record time.

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Accuracy you can count on

No more guesswork. Simpro take off estimating software helps ensure you get it right every time.

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Estimate on-the-go

At the office or on-site, easily view drawings, sketch and mark-up on your tablet with Simpro Mobile.

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Symbol recognition

Pre-loaded electrical, plumbing and generic symbols. Need more? No problem - upload your own!

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As-built drawings

Take into account any on-site changes with as-built drawings, ensuring your estimates stay up-to-date.

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Work smarter

Your shortcut to quick and accurate estimates

Are you still using paper and a highlighter to create your estimates? Are you wasting valuable time and getting frustrated switching between two programs to get a quote out the door? Manual take offs can be time consuming. Save time and make the jump to digital take off software like Simpro Takeoffs.


Take off software for accurate estimates

With Simpro Premium's Takeoffs add-on, you can create estimates in a flash, no matter where you are. Save time by uploading your plan, setting your scale and watch the magic happen as you draw, measure and mark up effortlessly. Get Simpro take off estimating software today and watch your business take off!

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Get accurate material take offs by simply uploading a plan, setting your scale ruler and get drawing. Count and measure lighting fixtures, wiring, piping, areas of flooring and more.

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Simpro Takeoffs add-on fully integrates with your Simpro Preimum. Easily associate drawings directly with quotes, jobs and projects. Create list of materials required with fit times and update these directly into your Simpro cost centers.

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Mark up blueprints and drawings and count types of materials in seconds with the smart symbol recognition tool, that can read all orientations.

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Estimate faster with the ability to add a plan from a quote, job or a device then easily select which pages to use. Set the scale, crop the plan, add your logo and off you go.

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Whether in the office or on-site, use cloud based Simpro Takeoffs anywhere. Sketch and mark-up on the fly at customer sites on tablets and view marked-up drawings via attachments on Simpro Mobile.

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Take into account the differences between the final drawing and what was achieved on site with as-built drawings.

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Need symbols specific to electrical or plumbing? No problem. Simpro Takeoffs comes pre-loaded with plenty of industry specific and generic symbols to get your quote out the door faster. Need more? You can also upload your own specific to you and your industry.

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Connect the dots

Associate drawings directly with your simpro premium quotes, jobs and projects

Simpro Takeoffs allow you to seamlessly associate drawings with your Simpro Premium quotes, jobs or projects. Create a list of materials with associated fit times and update them directly into the project cost centers. Count and measure lighting fixtures, wiring, piping, flooring areas and more - all in seconds.

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Improve accuracy

Start from scratch or upload and go

Whether you are uploading a plan and estimating the amount of materials, or creating a completely new drawing. Improve take off in construction accuracy with digital take off software. Use the drawing tools to efficiently adjust your take off and reduce rework. Draw and customize your plans to quickly create modifiable plans for your projects.

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Improve cash flow

Save time. Save money. Get more.

Give your estimators more tools in their belt to save time and get more value. Simpro Takeoffs add-on helps you accurately estimate material quantities and ensure material prices are up-to-date.

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Takeoffs... works for me in the real world. The symbol recognition is second to none and a huge time saver because it can pick up the symbol regardless of it’s orientation. I’ll never go back to what I was doing before. It’s a game changer.

Steve Frame
Senior Estimator, AJB Electrical Services


Takeoff software programs is a digital tool that helps field professionals and estimators accurately measure and calculate the materials, labor and other costs needed for a project. For construction professionals, construction takeoff software allows users to create digital blueprints, perform measurements and generate cost estimates quickly and efficiently.

Construction material takeoff software can save time and money by helping you accurately estimate materials and budget accordingly. It also helps reduce errors and improve accuracy when ordering materials. Additionally, it can provide visibility into the overall project budget and help you make better decisions.

Accurate takeoffs are essential to job costing because they provide the basis for estimating the materials, labor, and equipment needed for a construction project. Without accurate takeoffs, it is impossible to accurately estimate the cost of a project, which can lead to financial losses and project delays.

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