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2 February 2021

Automatic Payments with Square

Integrations | 1 minute read

Available in regions Square operates

Last year we announced our partnership with Square to help you get paid faster with payments in the field. Now, we’ve strengthened the integration so your business can take recurring payments automatically from customers.

This update allows you to improve cash flow by making it easier to capture payments on time. By providing customers with a secure automatic payment option for ongoing recurring payments through the simPRO Customer Portal, you can charge recurring invoices automatically when they are due.

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Secure your revenue

Automatically processing recurring payments allows you to guarantee revenue by ensuring customers pay for your services when they are due and in a way that is easier for them.

illustration of hand taking cash

Enhance cash flow

Cash flow significantly improves when you increase the amount of on-time payments you receive from recurring invoices.

illustration of open envelope with notification icon

Stay informed

simPRO will notify you when automatic payments fail, so your customers can make arrangements to pay the invoice by other means or disable services if required.

An enhanced Customer Portal experience

We have enhanced the simPRO Customer Portal to ensure it is even more secure. In conjunction with Square, the Customer Portal now provides a secure place for your customers to store and manage their automatic payments and card information.

A PCI Compliant solution

Square payments are PCI compliant, check out the T&Cs here.

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