Top ways job management software helps customers pay on time

February 17, 2021

Ever found yourself chasing down unpaid invoices right up until the final hour?

Tracking down field staff to check when, where, and what work they've completed, including hours worked and materials used, can be a nightmare. Not to mention the wasted time you then spend manually comparing schedules to hours worked. This isn’t only an inefficient invoice management process. It’s a pesky and downright stressful task for everyone involved.

Unpaid invoices not only waste you and your team’s valuable time but can also impact your ability to give the best experience to your customers. Just like you, your customers have lots of moving parts when it comes to their day-to-day business operations. Therefore, the easier you can make it for them to pay you for your project, service, or maintenance work, the better.

So how can you streamline your invoice payment process and avoid missing money? It’s time to say goodbye to all those manual processes in your existing invoice management process. Discover the top ways to use job management software to streamline your invoice payment process and get your customers to pay on time.

Single database for Contacts

Job management software like Simpro gives you a single location to store all of your customer information so that you can stop wasting time trying to track down customer information for invoicing from multiple places and people in your business.

A single database centralizes all of your customer information. It keeps it organized and up to date so that invoices and payment reminders go to the right customer at the right time.

Simpro’s database not only houses all of your important customer information but can even automate sending customer invoices based on event triggers, such as your field staff completing a job.

This saves you time and gives your customer a more streamlined invoice payment process where they can quickly and easily pay for work as soon as it’s complete. As a result, you can avoid the last-minute scramble to get customers to pay.

Simpro makes managing your contact information in a single database even easier with duplicate contact reports and an option to merge contacts manually.

Both features help you get rid of duplicate contacts and keep your contact database clean, so that customer invoicing remains accurate and accessible by any member of your team.

Collect payments quickly and easily in the field

Collect payments from the field with Simpro and Square integrations

The Simpro mobile app allows field staff to make real-time updates to job progress and contact information right from the field. It also enables them to issue an invoice and take payment from the field via Square integration capabilities.

The Square Payments functionality makes it easy to include debit and credit card payment options for customers at the time of completed work. To use Square with Simpro, simply pair Square’s contactless payment device with a tablet or smartphone to invoice and collect payments in the field. When a customer pays via Square, this updates in real-time to your Simpro database as well.

The latest update to Square capabilities in Simpro also allows your business to take recurring payments from customers automatically. By providing customers with a secure automatic payment option for ongoing recurring payments through the Simpro Customer Portal, you can charge recurring invoices automatically when they are due.

As a result, you won’t forget to invoice customers, and they pay on-time, keeping cash flow moving and helping you avoid the last-minute scramble for unpaid invoices.

Get invoice alerts

Simpro job management software helps chase unpaid invoices

Cloud-based invoice tracking from Simpro can not only keep track of all your invoices but also alert you when they’re due or overdue. The latest invoicing update in Simpro shows an alert if you are creating a new job for a customer with outstanding invoices.

This allows you to easily follow up with customers on unpaid invoices as you find them, rather than waiting until the last minute or end of the month to track down missing payments.

It gives you the ability to follow up on overdue funds before booking in any more work with that customer, ensuring that you stay on top of your cash-flow. It also provides more visibility and transparency into customer payment history for the right members of your team within Simpro.

Customer Portal

Simpro not only empowers your staff when it comes to invoice management process. Simpro also empowers your customer to make payments on time and easily via the Customer Portal.

Simpro’s Customer Portal provides your customers with a safe and secure place to store payment information, and provides greater visibility into charges.This eliminates tedious back and forth emails or phone calls between you and the customer trying to decipher how much they owe and when.

Learn more about Simpro’s invoicing & payment solutions

Simpro job management software not only makes it easier for your customers to pay on time, but also helps you run more efficient business operations overall. .

Simpro enables you to give customers payment flexibility, create professional invoices from the field, and integrate with accounting solutions to streamline your invoice management process. As a result, you see better cash flow for your business and have more time to focus on completing work and winning new business to grow your company.

Discover Simpro’s full invoicing and payment capabilities here.