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The top informational resources for HVAC contractors

November 2nd, 2020

Whether you want to stay on top of industry trends or learn what other successful HVAC businesses are doing, having the willingness to learn is key. In fact, the best way to grow as a professional is to have an open mind and learn from those around you.

To help you dive into some learning opportunities, we’ve put together a list of the top HVAC industry publications and podcasts. School is in session!

1. HVAC & Refrigeration Insider

This national print and digital publication has a two-part mission: to help HVAC&R contractors be better informed about issues that impact their business and to provide a helpful platform for professionals to learn about the best industry products on the market. Subscribe to stay on top of HVAC&R industry news.

2. Contractor Cents

Looking for a podcast with ideas, best practices and news relevant to running an HVAC business? Look no further than the Contractor Cents podcast. Entrepreneur Ruth King hosts engaging episodes which provide tips for HVAC contractors to achieve their sales and growth goals.

3. HVACR Business

This magazine provides HVAC business owners and managers with the information they need to successfully manage a business. They share best practices on leadership, strategy, sales tactics, customer service and other concepts related to business management.

4. ACHR News

If you’re feeling out of the loop when it comes to breaking news in the HVAC industry, a subscription to this publication will get you up to speed. Discover the latest market research, service and maintenance best practices and other helpful information for contractors and business owners. They also have their own industry podcast.

5. The HVAC Jerks

Three down-to-earth guys with a wealth of HVAC knowledge got together to create a podcast. Their mission? To raise the professionalism and success of those in the service industry. Check out their fun and informative episodes for some awesome HVAC insights.

6. ASHRAE Journal

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers has provided resources for contractors for more than 125 years. Their industry publication (free for association members) answers important questions about HVAC technology.

7. Contractor Magazine

Stay up-to-date on the latest technology, products and strategies that are driving success and safety in the HVAC industry with this digital magazine. In addition to circulating an informative publication, Contractor also shares white papers, webinars and other educational resources.

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