Simpro and Tooezy

Connecting you to jobs nearby

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Spend less time travelling and more time completing work

With this integration, you’ll be able to make your field staff visible on the live map within the Tooezy app during your business hours. Allowing job requests to flow through from nearby customers needing your services!

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Become a digital beacon

Open up your business to a plethora of customers who are nearby by allowing Tooezy users who are booking other services nearby see that you are available.

Spend less time and money on fuel and tolls, and more time allocating resources into getting jobs done and keeping your cash flowing, and follow it all with in-app job analytics.


A unique offer for Simpro customers

Simpro customers have special access to double the free trial period for Fixitfaster. This means you can access all the features of this integration free of charge for 60 days!

Fixitfaster will also give you the power to reward your customers who find you through the app with a $50 in-app credit. Start connecting with closer customers now!

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Contact Tooezy to book a free demo at or call 1800 650 525.

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