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The most advanced field service integration for Honeywell CLSS

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Automate defect quote and rectification workflows

Combine Honeywell CLSS’ 24/7 visibility and access to fire asset data with Simpro’s powerful fire protection field service software to impress your customers and take control of your asset management.

Automate the transfer of asset defect data from CLSS to Simpro every time a device fails technician testing to improve efficiency, compliance and customer service.

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Deliver stronger fire protection for people and property

Automatic triggers in the Honeywell CLSS and Simpro integration, aligned to your business processes, ensure action is always taken to resolve failed assets. The reduced mean time to repair (MTTR), improves compliance and protection of people and property at your customer’s site.

Balance customer expectations with business needs

Create new value-add customer services while maintaining control over your operational process, efficiency and profitability.

  • Provide your customers with transparent access to asset data to build trust
  • Proactively monitor system health to pinpoint increasing risks
  • Perform remote diagnostics and maintenance to reduce onsite visits and improve first-time fix rates

Enhance productivity and compliance

Reduce manual data entry and double handling in your asset management process.

Instead of exporting reports and re-keying defect details, office staff can easily use data from the field to build their quote to save time and improve accuracy. And when the Simpro quote status is changed, Honeywell CLSS records are updated to maintain an accurate audit trail for compliance.

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Field Service Software for Fire Protection

Trusted by over 6,000 customers globally, Simpro drives efficient day-to-day operations to supplement Honeywell CLSS including customer quoting, asset management, scheduling, invoicing and reporting.

Integrate Simpro and Honeywell CLSS

Simpro’s integration to Honeywell CLSS is free to use*, and easy to set up.

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Place connectivity at the heart of fire safety, with real-time visibility to enhance timely, accurate decision-making.

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Set up your Simpro system to link with your Honeywell CLSS account.

*The integration requires active subscriptions to both Simpro and Honeywell CLSS, which are paid services.

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