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17 September 2020

How field service management software can help you become the employer of choice

Business Advice | 3 minute read

The recruitment process is no longer just posting the role and then interviewing job candidates. The candidate is now putting you, the employer, in the hot seat. This is becoming just as common in the field service industry as any other. Both office and field staff want to know if you have the right tools and technology to make their working life easier. That is where robust, field service management software comes in.

Employees are demanding more from their employers and being able to set yourself apart from the competition is important. How do you stand out from the employer crowd when looking to recruit? Here are some hints and tips to help you become the field service employer of choice using cloud-based software.

field service worker relaxing in deck chair

Work-life balance

Having this natural balance between work and home life can sometimes mean more to your staff than high salaries or office perks. Giving your field service staff access to their jobs for the day via a mobile application such as simPRO Mobile means your field staff can get up and go right away. This will take away the need to physically go to the office before they start work, giving them extra time at the beginning and end of their day.

For your office staff, who may be working remotely, having access to all the data they need in one place helps them become more efficient and use their time for other critical projects. Using job management software gives both your admin and field staff the flexibility they need to manage their work-life balance and work more efficiently.

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Empowering your team

Trust. It’s a simple word but it goes a long way when someone is considering working for you. This isn't just about your trust in your employees, but also their trust in you. They are trusting you to meet your business objectives, keep the business running and honor promises made. For you, it means trusting your staff to do the job you have employed them to do. This may look different at different businesses, but an example is empowering your field staff to make decisions out in the field. They can upsell additional work, collect payment and send an invoice while still on site. Providing your field staff with the software they need to manage their stock, time and customer interactions will give them autonomy and go a long way in empowering your team.

field staff using simPRO on mobile device

Provide the right tools for the job

Just like the physical tools your field staff use day-to-day, your staff need tools to manage customers, accounting, stock, schedules and jobs. Having cloud-based software for your job management that integrates with your accounting package will show prospective employees that you are taking your business seriously.

field staff celebrating on rooftop

Feedback channels travel in every direction

Only managing from the top down is an outdated and sometimes disruptive management style. Opening the lines of communication from every level will give your team the opportunity to provide constructive feedback. If your team feels they are being listened to, they are more likely to offer ideas on how to do things more efficiently. When dealing with change this multidirectional management style is particularly pertinent. Teams need to feel included when you embark on a change within the business, and they need their fears and concerns heard as well as their solutions and suggestions.

The employment market has changed dramatically over the years. Candidates are looking for so much more from their employer than just financial compensation. Show your staff you value their time and their skills. Having a software solution in place to provide your team autonomy, work-life balance, and trust can go a long way to make you the field service business of choice, helping you attract and keep superior talent.

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