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Use SyncEzy’s integrations to improve your workflows

SyncEzy provides valuable integrations between Simpro and your favourite software solutions.

Improve your customer relationship management and streamline internal processes with Simpro and SyncEzy.

Sync your information and improve accuracy

Maintain the accuracy of data as it moves between systems, and ensure the same process is followed every time.

The Simpro SyncEzy allows you to quickly store important documents, eliminate double handling of data and jobs as well as providing an exceptional customer experience.

SyncEzy has created integrations into Simpro with some leading software providers:

Infusionsoft logo

Pair the best job management system with the best small business marketing CRM to take your business to the next level. Trusted and proven over four years, Infusionsoft is the secret weapon of many Simpro users, with powerful automated and responsive marketing features.

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Mailchimp logo

Get the power of the world's biggest email marketing system. If you own or run a trade business with Simpro, you'll benefit from this popular email marketing system that comes in at very accessible pricing. Save hours of time with Mailchimp's automated list cleaning system. No more duplicates, too easy!

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Salesforce Logo

Salesforce is currently the market leader in dynamic and automated CRM solutions. If you can think of anything that you want a CRM to do, chances are that Salesforce can do it. Now run the world's most powerful CRM with Simpro's serious job management and you'll have a force to be reckoned with!

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Zoho CRM Logo
Zoho CRM

Over 50,000 Companies Trust Zoho CRM to grow their business. Join them and start using ZOHO CRM and Simpro together with this proven integration from SyncEzy. Use the best Job Management System with a Top End CRM to drive your business growth.

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Hi Pages CRM Logo
Hi Pages CRM

Get the most out of the leads you purchase, integrate new leads for a seamless direct import into Simpro and your CRM.

Encircle Logo

Simpro’s Encircle Integration by SyncEzy connects Simpro with the Encircle App so you can simplify and manage your insurance claims process.

This integration by SyncEzy means Simpro users can sync all jobs from their system to the Encircle App so that contacting their insurer and providing job details for the claims process is quick and simple.


ASANA is a web and mobile project management tool that allows you and your team to map out and organise every step of a job in one place. By integrating with ASANA, Simpro users can manage costs, overheads, estimating and budgeting as usual, as well as create project jobs and selectively push all the details through to ASANA for better management and organisation.

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TSheets Logo

With this integration, kill excessive paper use and improve your understanding of your business. The TSheets integration means you can eliminate the need for paper by taking your time sheets online. Better manage your staff and business by recording and reporting where they are spending time and where jobs have been overrun or delayed.

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HubSpot Logo

Craft a unique customer experience by connecting leading marketing, communication and customer relationship management tool HubSpot to Simpro.

Easily sync jobs, projects, tasks and subtasks to your Simpro build.

Quickly view advanced analytics and collaborate with your team through this integration.

Pipedrive Logo

Turn your work opportunities into service jobs with this integration between Pipedrive and Simpro.

Quickly sync tasks, map fields and view gantt charts with the click of a button.

Also improve the communication between your sales and operations team, using the SyncEzy Simpro Pipedrive integration.

Dropbox Logo

Easily extract data when you connect Simpro and Dropbox.

Enable Simpro to sync your important documents and images, using this integration.

Please note that currently this is planned as a one-way integration from Simpro to Dropbox, but this will be extended in the future and made into a two-way integration pushing data in and out of Simpro.

One Drive Logo
One Drive

Make document management a dream with the Simpro and One Drive integration from SyncEzy.

Create a document hub where important documents and media are pushed from Simpro to One Drive automatically.

In the future this integration will be extended into a two-way integration pushing data in and out of Simpro.

Google Drive Logo
Google Drive

Use SyncEzy’s integration between Google and Simpro to store all of your important images and documents in the popular document management drive.

Please note that currently this is planned as a one-way integration from simpro to Google Drive but this will be extended in the future and made into a two-way integration pushing data in and out of Simpro.

Sharepoint Logo

Keep your important documents and images organised with the Simpro and SharePoint integration. Send job and quote uploads from Simpro to SharePoint folders to access files from anywhere and for easy sharing with non-Simpro users.

This is currently a one-way integration from Simpro to SharePoint. In the future, this will be made into a two-way integration pushing data in and out of Simpro.

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PropertyMe Logo

Sync PropertyMe rental properties and tenant lists to your Simpro account via SyncEzy. This integration enables field service companies using Simpro to seamlessly receive customer, tenant and site lists from Property Managers using PropertyMe.

The modules currently integrated are PropertyMe rental properties and tenant contact details. In the future, this integration will be enhanced to include additional modules such as work orders and maintenance requests.

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Xero Payroll Logo
Xero Payroll

Eliminate manual data entry and mistakes with the Simpro to Xero Payroll integration by SyncEzy. This integration brings Simpro Schedules into Xero Timesheets while calculating overtime rates, penalty rates, transferring leave and allocating the employee’s time to the correct cost codes in Xero.

Currently this is a one-way integration pushing data from Simpro to Xero with plans to enhance this into a two-way integration in the future.

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Zoho Desk Logo
Zoho Desk

Improve your quoting and job creation process with Simpro and Zoho Desk.

Using the Zoho Desk to Simpro integration, you can cut down on manual data entry and focus on customer service.

  • Turn tickets that are received from your customer support team into new jobs in Simpro in under 30 seconds (at the click of a button)
  • Turn tickets into Simpro quotes and add a link to your quote in your help desk
  • Convert quotes into jobs via your help desk
  • Capture leads from your website and send them to your support team who can nurture them until they are ready to buy!

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Power BI Logo
Power BI

Power BI is a data visualisation tool, created by Microsoft, that enables you to find and share meaningful business insights. Now that Power BI integrates through SyncEzy with Simpro scheduling, you can visualise your team’s workload, performance data and job data. This SyncEzy integration ensures your management team has the insights they need to drive business decisions.

Key Features

  • Create dashboards with data from Simpro in Power BI or other data visualisation tools.
  • Create reports from your Simpro data
  • Blend data from multiple sources to create consolidated reports
  • Complete Simpro data - all 510+ tables

Our integration connects:

  • Simpro database to Power BI Relational DB

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