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As the COVID-19 outbreak has forced field service businesses to adjust their operations, many are finding that operating remotely and staying on top of job details is nearly impossible without a centralized software solution.

EW Plumbing, a commercial and industrial plumbing company serving the Kansas City metro area, started running on Simpro right before the coronavirus outbreak hit. “I can’t emphasize enough that now is the time to sign up for Simpro or a streamlined software platform, because my job would have been impossible with the stay at home orders in place. There’s no way we would’ve been able to keep things running smoothly,” Ally Cole, EW Plumbing Operations Manager said.

Before implementing Simpro to manage operations in the business, EW Plumbing used a combination of different programs. “We had spreadsheets to keep track of projects, our electronic calendar to keep track of service calls and a separate software program for our construction team. However, it wasn’t very reliable so no one was actively using it. We wanted to be able to use one software program that tied everything together and kept everything in one spot.”

Ally spent around one year researching different software programs to find the right solution for the business before settling on Simpro. When asked why they decided on Simpro, Ally refers to the convenience of being able to manage field service work and manage projects from one platform.

“With Simpro, we can streamline both the service plumbing and the construction sides of our company while using different workflows. With other software programs, you can only operate under one type of workflow, and then you might have to make adjustments whether you were working on a project, job or service. I wanted something that would work for all sides of the business,” Ally explained.

Not long after completing the implementation process with Simpro, COVID-19 hit. However, with Simpro already in place within the business, EW Plumbing had what they needed to keep operations afloat.

“Now, I have everything in the Cloud, and I can easily take calls, get things billed out and not worry about missing details in a paper trail. We send out reminders or tasks to different people in the company which helps keep everything in line with everyone working remotely and working on different shifts. We are still able to go into the office, but to keep staff safe and healthy, we can’t all go in at the same time. Despite all of this, Simpro helps keep our staff on the same page,” Ally said.

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