Add time for other field staff with Simpro Mobile

April 21, 2021

While working on-site, there are plenty of reasons why field staff may need to submit time blocks for other team members, as well as their own. Perhaps there’s an apprentice who hasn't got access to Simpro Mobile just yet, or there’s a new member of the team working that hasn’t yet completely onboarded. After the latest update to Simpro Mobile, we introduce the ability to add time blocks for other field staff, contractors and even plant items! Meaning every hour can be counted regardless of who has access to Simpro Mobile on the job.

2 field staff standing against a mobile phone displaying the Simpro Mobile Timesheet module.

Add time for others

Ensure records are accurate and all hours are counted for with Simpro Mobile. As soon as work has commenced, field staff can easily add time blocks for other staff who are present at the job. Depending on what best suits your businesses workflow, this can be done from within the Service or the Timesheet module of the Simpro Mobile app.

Field staff looking at electrical equipment updating time on a mobile device

Add time for plant items

Field staff can now also assign time blocks to plant Items from Simpro. Plant items are equipment that your business uses and keeps track of, like a generator or a mixer. In Simpro, plant items can be scheduled just like employees, or checked out with specific staff so it’s easy to identify when equipment is available to use. Field staff can now also assign time blocks to plant items while out on the job. This means records remain accurate when a piece of equipment, that wasn’t already scheduled to the job, needs to be used. This enhancement also ensures everyone in the business can keep up-to-date with the changes.

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