Send Purchase Orders directly to L&H from Simpro

November 3, 2020

Lawrence & Hanson and Simpro composition

Available in Australia only.

Have you been taking advantage of the wholesale integration with leading electrical vendor Lawrence & Hanson (L&H)? It allows you to automatically sync vendor catalogs and invoices directly into your Simpro build.

Now you can do even more with this integration! Following our latest update, you can send your Purchase Orders directly through to your Lawrence & Hanson branch via Simpro.

Send POs faster and easier

Sending a purchase order directly to Lawrence & Hanson from Simpro means Purchase Orders are received faster, speeding up the entire ordering process. You also save time and reduce the chance for user error, ensuring your orders are more accurate than ever!

shot of delivery people in action

Simpro remembers your favourite Lawrence & Hanson branch

Once you have sent your first Purchase Order to Lawrence & Hanson via Simpro, your build will remember the last branch you ordered from. You can also easily select whether you would like the delivery made to the job site or to your company address.

auto sync dialogue on computer monitor

Turn on automatic sync and you’re good to go!

If you’re wanting to take advantage of sending Purchase Orders directly to Lawrence & Hanson via Simpro, it's as simple as setting up your Automatic catalog or Invoice Sync with this vendor so your Simpro build can start talking to their ordering system.

It is important to note that if you need to amend an order after the Purchase Order has been sent through to Lawrence & Hanson, you will still need to contact your branch directly.

ED logo with plus icon

Electrical Distributors (ED’s)

Since Electrical Distributors are a part of the L&H Group, customers of this vendor can also take advantage of this enhanced wholesale integration and send POs directly to this vendor from Simpro.

For more information on how to send Purchase Orders straight to Lawrence & Hanson check out the Simpro Learning Help Guide.