Assign multiple field-staff members to any job in Simpro

Published: February 19, 2021

Your latest update to Simpro is ready and will start reflecting in your build from Monday February 22nd. This update includes:

Multiple field staff working on the same job

Assign multiple field staff to jobs

Are you running large projects or complex service jobs that require multiple members of your team to have direct access to job cards? Now everyone who will need to be involved in a complex job can be assigned from the beginning. This new feature ensures anyone who needs to be involved can easily access job information and submit working hours against it.

Don’t just schedule jobs for multiple staff, assign the entire team to any job within Simpro!

Clearly displayed in the schedule

Schedulers can now clearly see when multiple staff are assigned to a job from within the schedule. This makes it easy to understand who is required where and when.

Reflected within reports

Reports and BI Reports that are filtered by technicians will display any jobs that field staff are assigned to, even if there are multiple field staff assigned to a job. This update provides you with a more accurate understanding of field staff workloads within the business.

Everyone assigned can access the job in Simpro Mobile

Job information just got even easier to access in the field. Following this update everyone assigned to a job can now have quick access to it within Simpro Mobile. This means less time searching and more time on the tools.

Hands on a keyboard using new keyboard shortcuts

Saved searches are one button away

Want to access your saved searches faster? We have added some handy new keyboard shortcuts into Simpro so you can access the first 10 saved searches instantly. To find out exactly what to press, check out the helpguide.

What else is new in Simpro?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 21.1.4 in our Help Guide. This will be available from Saturday the 20th of February AEST.

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