New integration with Tradelink available in Simpro

August 2, 2019

Tradelink has been operating in Australia for more than 150 years, and is well-known for its quality parts, excellent prices and friendly service.

Powered by consultants dedicated to helping customers find the parts they need, and represented by over 100 showrooms nationwide, Tradelink is an outstanding supplier for plumbing materials.

Simpro is proud to be working with Tradelink to help our users make their supplier-related processes even more automated and effective.

This new integration will benefit Simpro users who purchase from Tradelink in two main ways:

  • Automatic product pricing syncing

  • Supplier Invoices sent directly to Simpro

What does that mean?

Automatic product pricing syncing

Once enabled, Tradelink catalogues stored in your Simpro system will be automatically updated every seven days with the latest pricing and products.

For instructions on how to enable automatic-syncing, head here.

Supplier invoices sent directly to Simpro

Set up your Tradelink invoices to be sent directly into your Simpro system and minimise your need for double data entry.

For instructions on how to set-up this feature, click here.

Are there other suppliers you want to see have this kind of functionality in Simpro? Let us know in the Ideas Portal!