6 Field Service Management Trends for 2024

Published: June 27, 2024

The Nitty Gritty

  • Anticipating and understanding field service trends is essential for your business's health
  • Technology and software development stand out as the top field service trends of 2024
  • Utilizing the latest software can boost your business growth by streamlining clunky manual work processes

2024 has been an interesting and challenging year for businesses of all kinds. People have their eyes on their pockets, but there are also plenty of opportunities.

What trends will emerge in 2024 and beyond? It should come as no surprise that most field service trends from the last few years and this year involve the latest developments in software and technology; whatever the future has in store for field service businesses, tech will play a key role.

Advancements in AI and Machine Learning

No other technological development has quite grabbed the public eye like AI. A few years ago, artificial intelligence tools were fun but clunky, still finding their feet as companies promised improvements; in 2024, they're one of the top field service trends and the biggest trend for businesses, period. It's no longer speculation: AI is here and ready to utilize.

AI offers options to streamline processes for both crew members and customers. For the crew, AI can be utilized as a source of information for any inquiry they may have in the field. Forget finding physical manuals and instructions: AI chatbots can find and collate the available information in a fraction of the time. Vast amounts of necessary data can be sifted through in moments to streamline any processes and questions technicians may have or obtain necessary documents.

For customers, AI can provide instant answers to common customer inquiries, schedule service calls and offer basic guidance. This gives potential customers an entry point to engage with your field service business and can help them feel more prepared.

AI will help field service businesses work smarter, deliver jobs ahead of time and boost profits. It will only continue to grow, with predictions that it will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Rise of Augmented Reality (AR) in On-Site Services

Augmented Reality is another technological field service trend that has revolutionized workers' engagement with their jobs and project development. Augmented reality is all the name: it integrates the real world with digital objects and tools. This isn't totally virtual like VR but works in a similar fashion with enhanced digital tech like AR-enabled glasses or a run-of-the-mill smartphone.

AR doesn't stop at land surveying and project development; it's also becoming a helpful tool for installation, technician training and maintenance services. Using AR-enabled hardware, field service workers can assess and troubleshoot equipment, assist with documentation and reporting and even assist with inventory management.

It's definitely one of the more pricey field service trends on this list, so it might not be the right fit for your business yet. Definitely one to watch!

Impact of 5G and Enhanced Connectivity on Efficiency

As technology improves and infrastructure is updated to 5G networks nationwide, field service businesses have more access than ever to a connected team, any time, any job, anywhere. This isn't just for urban work; remote locations have wider coverage and stronger connections.

While online services and software have been an option for years, it's one of those field service trends that relies on additional infrastructure and location: the best online tools aren't much help if there's no internet available to your crew in the field! And given that your team could be sent to areas with poor coverage, it's understandable that many field service businesses weren't prepared to make the switch or have the ability to utilize the full range of features.

Previously, field service businesses might have used multiple kinds of software and duplicate workflows to manage jobs and crew if necessary. Wider 5G coverage means more businesses can rely on an end-to-end software solution, removing the need for multiples of the same process, like inputs for timesheets or creating unique customer estimates. With complete connectivity, make the most of field service software trends with an end-to-end system like Simpro's business software.

Streamlined Operations Through Tech

It may not be surprising that over the past decade, the trade industry has been utilizing software more and more, leaving paper-based workflows in the past. This trend has enabled businesses to be more efficient and productive, know more about what is going on in their business and be more profitable.

So, what are some of the benefits of this field service trend?


Time theft and manual timesheet errors are, unfortunately, long-time field service trends, given the fragmented nature of many jobs and crews spread out all over the place. Software means time-tracking no longer needs to be a pain: it can be simple with mobile tools. It's no wonder one of the common field service trends is on-the-go timesheets and punch clocks.


Want to take it further and make the entire process automatic? Utilizing GPS and location-based services, you can utilize the field service trend of geofencing and streamline your time-tracking.

What's geofencing? It's a software feature that allows your business to set locations for each job a crew member is assigned to. This creates a 'fence': essentially a buffer zone that alerts you when your worker has entered it on their way to the job. Not only does your business get dynamic updates on the availability of your workers, but it holds everyone to account for their productivity.


From that automatic time-tracking, your field service business can transfer data directly into integrated accounting software for timely and accurate payroll on the dot.

Sustainability and Regulations

Climate might sound like a broken record when it comes to field service trends, but there is no doubt that sustainability is a big issue for not only individuals but also governments and decision-makers. From a practical level, sustainable practices offer consumers long-term benefits through energy-saving measures and quality systems. From a governmental level, it raises standards to meet sustainable targets. Both directions reflect on field service trends and what businesses need to prepare for.

The latest HVAC field service trends, for instance, shook up regulations due to commitments to greater standards. Depending on perspective, businesses either floundered with excess stock or were prepared to update and install compliant systems. As far as field service trends go, sustainability is a solid pick.

Employee Safety and Satisfaction

Even with recent field service trends showing an upswing in trade program enrolment and renewed interest in the trades as a career, the skilled labor shortage is pinching at field service businesses nationwide. Unfortunately, it's an issue that's going to take years to solve, but that doesn't mean your business can't be proactive.

With economic and field service trends showing that the trade industry is once again regarded as a solid option for a stable career, businesses can make the most of this and improve the reputation of the industry in addition to their own employee satisfaction. The largest worries surrounding field service are pay and safety: by keeping these two factors at the forefront of decisions, you demonstrate to your current and future crew that your business is one to stick by.

Again, the right job management software can streamline safety training and onboarding.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Field Services?

Technology is the winner here, and the key thing to remember is that current field service trends lean towards flexibility and accuracy. Field service businesses starting today face a challenging market, but their adaptability also gives them many opportunities to thrive.

If you need extra adaptability, check out Simpro's field service software! We're on the cutting edge of trade business automation, and our tools are always up to date with the latest technology.