Recap: 120Grit podcast - ep33 Chris McIntyre talks managing PTSD

May 7, 2020

Chris McIntyre is a former police officer, part-time Instagram fitness influencer (with over 14 thousand followers online) and a fulltime psychologist who now works with alongside many other ex-servicemen and police officers, particularly focussing on those living with PTSD.

After working for the Queensland Police Service saw him exposed to significant volatile situations, Chris decided to get out of the force before he ended up becoming a victim of such a stressful environment.

So what does the bloke behind Fit as Dad think is the key to managing mental health and PTSD as a modern man?

Well slip into your activewear and listen to Chris as he explains some techniques to techniques, strategies and self-management tools that he and other psychologists use to help others work through various situations and scenarios.

Watch TradeMutt’s latest 120Grit Podcast below

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