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16 September 2019

5 ways to automate workflows with the simPRO and Zapier integration

Integrations | 2 minute read

The Zapier integration was created to help field service businesses better automate their workflows in simPRO. Using this integration you can reduce administrative work time and automate data entry by allowing Zapier to import and export information from simPRO to your favorite software applications. This is an easy way to share information between platforms and create faster processes without the need for complex coding.

Are you wondering how you can use the simPRO integration with Zapier? Here are some suggestions to get you started!

Update your email newsletter subscriber list

A man holding a tablet with a simPRO email newsletter on the screen.

Keeping your email subscriber list up to date is a tedious, but important, part of marketing your field service business. Using the simPRO and Zapier integration, you can create a Zap with a trigger for new or updated Individual and Company Customer records. Once these events occur, Zapier will automatically add or update the contacts in your preferred email marketing platform.

Create a new task in a project management tool

A desktop computer with project management tasks on the screen.

If your business uses third-party project management tools (such as Asana or Trello), you can use Zapier to create a new card or task. Important information from your jobs in simPRO can then be easily transferred to the card or task in your project management tool.

Keep your phone contacts up to date

A man holding a mobile device that contains contact information

Using the Zapier integration, field staff can make sure they have access to accurate customer details on their mobile device, without opening the simPRO mobile app. Configure a Zap to sync details from the simPRO Customer Card to Google Contacts on your Android phone. You can add a filter to your Zap to limit to records based on simPRO data fields such as preferred technician or tags.

Add a new row in Google Sheets

A desktop computer with an image of Google Sheets on the screen.

simPRO offers a powerful Job List report that can be downloaded as a CSV. With the Zapier integration, you can go one step further and easily add all new Service Jobs to a Google Sheet.

Create a new simPRO customer record for website inquiries

A customer record card linked to the simPRO logo

Do you manually copy and paste the contact details of inbound website leads from an email into simPRO? If so you may have experienced problems copying information across platforms or having staff who forget to complete the process. If your website uses tools such as Gravity Forms or Wufoo for online inquiries, you can avoid these pitfalls with a Zap that creates a new simPRO Individual Customer record every time a form is completed.

With the ability to connect simPRO to over 2,000 Zapier Apps, the workflow automation options are endless! Visit our Zapier integration page to learn more.

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