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Boost productivity with simPRO’s alerts and communication tools

Streamline your processes

Stay one step ahead with automatic reminders and simplified communications

Transform your business workflow with automatic and scheduled reminders, while also improving communication with simPRO add-ons such as SMS and VoIP.

Let simPRO do the heavy lifting with automation features.


Improve communication with SMS

With the SMS* add-on, you can send SMS notifications directly from simPRO to your team, contractors and customers.

simPRO SMS gives you the flexibility to:

  • Choose an SMS plan to suit the needs of your business
  • Rollover unused credits for up to one month
  • Keep a record of messages

*As a simPRO add-on additional charges apply.

Interested in adding SMS?

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Boost customer service with VoIP

Get a more cost-effective and unified telephony service without expensive hardware or landlines - just one simple headset. Call customers, employees, contractors or suppliers from simPRO with VoIP.

If you choose to have VoIP enabled you will receive incoming call notifications via the browser. You’ll also see the Caller ID for known phone numbers in simPRO.

Interested in VoIP?

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Easily remind your staff and customers

Set up automatic notifications to send an email and/or SMS message when certain workflow requirements have been met.

Set-up notifications to:

  • Remind a salesperson to follow up on a lead
  • Remind a customer that payment for their invoice is due
  • Send a text message to a contractor to confirm job details
  • Email all staff to remind them to submit their timesheets

Stay competitive with more opportunities to enhance customer service.

Be alerted of pending workflow actions

Receive automatic alerts from simPRO when a workflow hits a due date, expiration date or when there’s a pending action which needs to be taken.

Discover more workflow automation features in simPRO.

simPRO learning and support

Maximize the benefit of simPRO’s features with comprehensive learning and support resources.

Training & Implementation

Receive personalized guidance for a successful start, and a foundation to last you for years to come, with simPRO’s training and implementation.

simPRO Learning

Learn how to use the latest products and implement new functionalities in your simPRO build with the simPRO Learning Toolbox.


With five different support channels and local teams around the globe, simPRO ensures you receive the highest level of support.

Unlock growth potential.

Trade up, with simPRO.

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