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Estimate like a PRO with simPRO’s new Takeoffs Add‑On

Try simPRO's new Takeoffs Add-On for FREE during the public beta*.

Join before the 1st of October and receive an additional 60 Days Free*.

Tired of using two pieces of software to manage one project?

Streamline your estimating processes with simPRO and the new Takeoffs Add-On

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Takeoffs allows you to easily create fast and accurate takeoffs from uploaded plans. Associate drawings directly with your simPRO Projects, create your list of material estimates with associated fit times and update these directly to the Projects Cost Centres.

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60 Days Free - Our Gift to Beta Users

To thank you for joining us on the ride, we want to reward your involvement. So, we’re offering two full months of a subscription for free.

If you register for the Beta User Group today, you will be eligible for a 2 month free trial.

We can turn this on for you today, and from 1 October, you can start a trial to use all of the Takeoff Add-On’s new features for 60 days.

Upload your plan, set your scale and get drawing

The Takeoffs Add-On has everything you need to quickly and accurately identify the amount of materials required.

Estimate like a PRO

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Estimate like a PRO

Takeoffs are an essential component of accurately estimating materials required for a project.

*This is a limited offer, available during the public beta of simPRO’s Takeoffs Add-On. The free public beta is available until the 1st of October 2021, click here for more information.

*Terms and Conditions - 60 Days Free
Takeoff subscriptions will be turned on for your business.
Takeoff charges will be added to your account from 1 October. The two months free months will be displayed as a discount.
At any time, if you do not wish to continue, contact to request this to be turned off.
First billed month will be December 2021 at USD $39 per licence.

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