PlanSwift integration: Connecting takeoffs to quotes in Simpro

January 27, 2021

PlanSwift, powered by zzBots, allows businesses within the field service industry to quickly create detailed takeoffs. By simply dragging and clicking over your plans in PlanSwift, you can easily measure lengths for cabling, trace linear takeoff for air conditioning lines, calculate the required length for water pipes and generate precise materials lists. By integrating PlanSwift with Simpro, you can utilize all of the catalog items and pre-builds created within your Simpro build to create accurate takeoffs for jobs and projects.

Create takeoffs in seconds using the catalog items and pre-builds in Simpro

Take advantage of Simpro’s streamlined materials management capability by integrating this data with PlanSwift’s takeoff software. Takeoffs can be completed in a fraction of the time so you can ensure accurate quotes and estimates are being sent to your customers for approval quickly.

Simpro and PlanSwift turning together as gears

Takeoffs by area, linear, segment or count

PlanSwift’s intuitive estimating capability gives you the option to choose how you measure required materials on plans.

screenshot of PlanSwift takeoff system

Data sent directly to Simpro

Once your takeoff is complete, this data is sent directly back to Simpro as a new Quote or Estimate ready to send to your customer for approval.

Simpro and PlanSwift integration flow

Powered by zzBots

Simpro’s integration with PlanSwift is made possible by connecting both platforms via zzBots. zzBots is an easy to use web-based software platform for integrating your apps and automating your workflows. A licence for zzBots and PlanSwift is required to take advantage of this integration.

For more information on PlanSwift and how to integrate with Simpro via zzBots click here

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