Time is Money: Essential Guide to Choosing Field Service Scheduling Tools

December 14, 2023

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  • Learn why efficient field service scheduling is vital within your business
  • Discover which key features you need to look out for when shopping for field service scheduling tools
  • Dive into the best ways to choose a suitable field service scheduling tool
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Whether you focus on multi-stage projects, recurring maintenance work or service jobs, good scheduling practices can make or break business efficiency. A lot of trade businesses have multiple contractors and employees tending to projects in different locations. There must be standards in place amongst all staff to ensure the business is working as one unit, delivering the best customer service, making sure the right people and equipment arrive at the right place.

Efficient scheduling can be the difference between success and failure. Automated field service scheduling tools have become increasingly popular over the last few years, as businesses realize the potential savings they can offer. In this guide we’ll take a look at why field service scheduling is so important, features to look out for in field service scheduling tools and how to choose the right one for your business.

Why Efficient Scheduling is Crucial for Field Services

Efficient scheduling is essential for successful field service businesses. It helps reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency among other benefits. In an industry where time is money, having the right tools in place to manage your workflow is paramount. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to get field service scheduling right.

The impact on productivity

A poorly scheduled workforce can lead to missed deadlines, overbooking, underutilization of resources‌ and increased costs. In fact, in our recent Simpro Voice of the Trades Report, 67 percent of trade business owners said scheduling issues resulted in having to reschedule a job. And 72 percent said issues with scheduling caused field technicians to be late. Not to mention, if you’re rearranging jobs due to inefficiencies within the business, it doesn’t look good from a customer perspective. You need to be able to accurately assign jobs to the right field staff, and ensure that jobs are completed on time. This will ensure your staff are confident in the processes at hand, and can come to work and get their jobs done to the best of their abilities. Anything less, and it’ll affect team morale and productivity in a big way. The right field service scheduling tools help make this process easier by providing visibility and improving communication throughout your business.

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Improved customer satisfaction

When your field staff schedules are all housed in one place and easily accessible, it’s a walk in the park providing accurate data to customers. The last thing you want is your customers feeling left in the dark, when there is no clarity or there are frequent schedule changes. With improved visibility, create a streamlined process for your customers by communicating job start times with more accuracy, while increasing your credibility as a trusted service provider.

A poorly scheduled workforce can lead to missed deadlines, overbooking, underutilization of resources‌ and increased costs. Not to mention, if you’re rearranging jobs due to inefficiencies within the business, it doesn’t look good from a customer perspective

Resource optimization

It’s important to know what materials are required for a job, any necessary equipment and which member of staff is assigned. The right field service scheduling tools enable you to better manage resources by monitoring stock levels, and making adjustments as needed. The same goes for your equipment and vans that your staff use to travel to and from jobs. This helps ensure no resources are being wasted, while also helping lower operational costs by reducing unnecessary travel times or idle time waiting for parts and materials.

Key Features to Look for in Field Service Scheduling Tools

The right field service scheduling tools help save time and money, increase customer satisfaction‌ and improve efficiency. To get the most out of these tools, it’s important to understand the features that make them a worthwhile investment.

User-friendly interface

In order to get used to the software, you’re going to need to train staff and get to grips with the interface. You don’t want something that is overly complex, but too simplistic in nature. So getting the right balance is key, at the end of the day you and your staff will be using it daily. So you need to know it’s easily accessible to pick up and learn.

Mobile accessibility

A lot of field service scheduling fortunately comes with a dedicated mobile app. This aids your field staff in staying connected to the office at all times. Plus, reduces the amount of time you’re chasing after project updates, as field staff can add work notes and attachments via an app. Perhaps there’s been a problem with accessing a site? With a cloud-based software that includes a mobile app, field staff can update the job details to make sure you’re aware of the situation back at the office. In addition, a lot of field service scheduling apps allow you to track time spent on jobs and view an overview of the day. Helping to avoid unfortunate mix-ups with staff schedules.

Real-time updates

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point. Being able to update job information when assigning technicians in real-time is invaluable as it means you’re able to keep customers informed as soon as possible. In turn, building credibility and trust with your business. For example,‌ one of your field staff has arrived at a job and discovered additional materials are required, they can update the job details so your business and the customer stay informed. Plus, with a cloud-based solution, any last-minute schedule changes that happen throughout the day, as well as real-time time-tracking of your field staff, you always stay in the know.

Integration capabilities

Not only do you want your field service scheduling tools to help out with the obvious, but you want to look for software that plays well with others. By that, we mean integrations. For example, you may already use an accounting package, so finding software that can integrate with your existing information will further streamline processes. In addition, there may be integrations with email providers, CRM systems and lots more. All of this helps bring the information you need into one hub.

How to Choose the Right Field Service Scheduling Tool

It’s important you do your research and look for software that will suit your job scheduling needs, as well as empower you for growth. You should make a list of things you need and look into customer reviews and ratings, as well as social media or user groups of people who already use the software. However, let’s take a look at a few sensible things to consider before taking the plunge with field service scheduling software.

Assess your business needs

That’s right. It’s certainly not a “one size fits all” approach, although a lot of software share similar features you want to make sure whichever you pick is right for you and your business. Make a list of what you desire is essential and what is a nice-to-have, this helps prioritize and narrow down your options.

Consider your budget

You don’t need to be paying through the roof for field service scheduling tools, however software does often require investment in the product and that means spending money. Although it may feel like a large cost, once you reap the rewards, you’ll not want to look back. But, do consider the cost and research to see if there are any discounts or special offers available, or even free trials in order to minimize costs. In addition, make sure you check if vendor support and updates are included, as it is important for any field service scheduling tool to be up-to-date with all necessary features.

Evaluate scalability

One of the reasons you’re probably looking at field service scheduling software is down to having outgrown your current processes, and to give you room for growth and expansion. So, it’s important the software you choose is scalable. The last thing you need is to pay out for software implementation, you learn how to use it, to then discover a few months down the line it’s not going to grow with you. Do your research and look at having a conversation with somebody from the software company, so they can assess your needs and make sure it’s the right fit before committing. At the end of the day, it’s a waste of everybody’s time if not.

Check vendor support and updates

Every new process has a learning curve, and you need time to understand your new software. In the early stages, it’s important to know what support you have available, whether that’s email, phone or live chat. You need to know there’s additional support for those moments you need assistance, both at the implementation stage and throughout your time with the software. In addition, make sure you’re aware of whether future updates are included in the package, with no hidden or additional costs.

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Discover how scheduling errors can affect your business negatively

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Discover how scheduling errors can affect your business negatively

Listen to our scheduling podcast

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Top Field Service Scheduling Tools: A Look at the Leaders

With so many different options it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which software best suits your business needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best on the market today.


Simpro is a global leading provider of field service management software for the trades. Designed to help streamline workflows, improve business efficiency and help you make smarter decisions. All with one software. From job quoting, scheduling, inventory tracking, invoicing and more, you’re able to bring your team together and improve communications across the business. Choose from various scheduling options to maximize your field service management processes. Not only will you know where your team is, but customers will too. Maximize your team’s effectiveness by scheduling them according to dedicated service areas or zones. If a customer prefers certain team members, make sure those people are scheduled for that customer’s job every time.

With the Simpro Mobile app your staff can view their schedules, update job information and clock in and out. Simpro also helps you make better decisions with in-depth reporting features, focusing on different aspects of your business such as profit/loss, job costs, productivity and lots more. If you’re looking to get more out of your field service scheduling software, there are hundreds of integrations that connect with Simpro, such as Gmail, QuickBooks, MYOB and Square payments. Helping to streamline your processes further!


ClockShark is specifically designed for the construction industry, and field services that are looking for an efficient way to track their field staff while out on jobs. Plus it has payroll functionality and job costing capabilities so you’re able to accurately manage projects. The ClockShark app allows your staff to clock in and out and submit timesheets, a perfect companion for payroll so they’re able to get the information they need. Create employee schedules and manage your work force from the office, so they can go about their day with efficiency.


Designed to help field service businesses schedule with ease, optimize routes, send quotes and invoices via SMS, and get paid quickly and efficiently. By automating some of the mundane office tasks, you get valuable time back to focus on other parts of the business. Jobber enables your customers to take control, they can book an appointment online and based on your preferences Jobber will then schedule the job appropriately. As well as scheduling, you can send quotes and follow up by text message allowing for a completely fluid communication.

Final Thoughts on Field Service Scheduling

Efficient scheduling is a crucial factor for field service teams that can either propel success or hinder growth. And hopefully, this guide emphasizes the importance of choosing the right field service scheduling tool. As well as provides a few tips on best practices when shopping around. Making an informed decision about field service scheduling can lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of your business.