Discover the key findings of our 2023 Voice of the Trades Study

May 26, 2023

Join our panel as we delve into the findings of the 2023 Simpro Voice of the Trades study. From scheduling mishaps to administrative burdens, invoicing woes and cash flow concerns, no stone was left unturned. Our team of experts discuss strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and business efficiency. We also explore the pivotal role of technology in tackling these hurdles. You don’t want to miss it!


  • Natasha Anich, Vice President of Product Marketing at Simpro
  • Conor Breen, Vice President of Account Management at Simpro
  • Laura Theodore, Chief Customer Officer at Simpro
  • Miranda McCanna, Research Supervisor at Kickstand

Emphasis on communication and customer satisfaction for trade businesses

The webinar highlighted the importance of communication and customer satisfaction in the trade industry. One key factor discussed was the impact of scheduling errors on customer satisfaction and the need for businesses to improve their scheduling processes to ensure a positive customer experience.

"First impressions make a difference, and when you aren't on time, that's a huge problem," said Laura Theodore, Simpro’s chief customer officer.

Addressing administrative challenges and improving efficiency

The panel discussed the challenge of administrative tasks and their impact on the efficiency of field service professionals. The majority of respondents in the study reported spending an average of 13 hours per week on admin tasks, which affected their ability to complete jobs effectively.

"Non-Simpro users were 39% more likely than Simpro users to agree that time spent on admin tasks has led to customer frustration and 27% more likely to agree that admin time makes projects go slower," said Miranda McCanna, research supervisor at Kickstand.

The role of technology in improving trade businesses

In an increasingly competitive market, the adoption of new technologies and software is becoming crucial for trade businesses. According to the study, 76% of respondents said their company plans to adopt new technologies in 2023, while 72% believe that new technology and software must be adopted to remain competitive.

Conor Breen provided examples of how technology can improve operations, such as tracking inventory and managing cash flow: "If I have my inventory tight and accurate, I have my minimum quantities set up in my inventory because some of the items might come from another country,” Breen said. “If I have that information in front of me, I'm never going to be waiting on supplier A."

Laura Theodore also emphasized the importance of including staff in the adoption process, stating that "employees will know those areas of wasted time that you won't necessarily see as a business owner."

Insights surfaced

  • 76% of respondents plan to invest in new technologies in 2023 to combat challenges in the trade industry
  • Those not using technology or using an alternative platform were more likely to experience scheduling errors, customer dissatisfaction, and issues with invoicing and payment collections than those using the Simpro suite of products.
  • Accurate and efficient scheduling, streamlined administrative processes, and effective inventory management are crucial for improving customer satisfaction and business efficiency

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