Streamlining Business Workflow: O'Brien Electrical Granville's Journey with Simpro Software

O'Brien Electrical Granville is a family-run electrical contracting business in Australia that has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving team of 12-13 skilled professionals. In the latest episode of Trades, Tools & Talks, we chat with Jacqui Sherriff, the general manager of O'Brien Electrical Granville, to uncover the secrets behind their remarkable success story with Simpro software.

The journey of O'Brien Electrical Granville with Simpro started when they were introduced to the comprehensive software package. Recognizing the perfect fit for their business requirements, they made the decision to shift from a server-based system to Simpro's cloud-based platform. This move has revolutionized their operations, granting them newfound freedom and flexibility to work from any location, even while on the move.

The adaptability of Simpro software was especially beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing the employees of O'Brien Electrical Granville to seamlessly transition to remote work. Simpro's powerful tools have also empowered their team with more autonomy and access to crucial information. This increased efficiency has not only improved productivity but also enhanced customer satisfaction.

The success story of O'Brien Electrical Granville with Simpro software is a testament to the transformative power of embracing technology to streamline business workflows. Their journey stands as an inspiration to businesses seeking to unlock their full potential.

Are you ready to unlock your business' full potential? Reach out to Simpro today!

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