Electrician Apps 2024: Power Up Your Team's Workflow with Top Tech Tools

April 10, 2024

The Nitty Gritty

  • Field service management can be complex, especially with the needs of a growing business.
  • Electrician apps streamline many aspects of your field service business.
  • Check out the best electrician apps to access all the benefits of current software and technology.
Electrician using tablet

Field service businesses have a lot on their plate. Obtaining leads, bidding for projects, fleet management, and employee productivity: it can be challenging to juggle everything that keeps your business running while also working hard on jobs!

Fortunately, thanks to our current technology, it’s possible to have tools and resources on the go, now in a digital format.

12 Best Electrician Apps for 2024

From job management to references to calculations, we’ve gathered some of the best electrician apps in one handy list. Some of these apps are all-in-one or address a particular niche in electrical work; they all have something to offer!

Power up your field service business with electrician apps designed to streamline field service management, reduce manual mistakes, and take your engineering to the next level.

1. Simpro

Simpro is an all-in-one field service suite that can take your business to the next level. Work anywhere with offline functionality, so no matter where your business takes you, Simpro goes with you.

Empower your business with our electrical contractor software with features such as:

Field Service:

  • Live Scheduling Updates
  • Comprehensive Asset Management
  • Access Job Details
  • Invoicing and Payments in the field
  • Status Change Tracking
  • Record Travel Time and On-Site Time


  • Clock On/Off Daily
  • Travel Schedule Rates
  • Billable and Non-Billable Hours

Quotes and Sales:

  • Create Appealing Quotes
  • Multiple Quote Options
  • Add-on Pricing
  • Direct Emails to Customers

Simpro integrates with popular apps such as Outlook, Google Workspace, Taxify, Square, and more. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Local Pro

Powered by Home Depot, Local Pro is a tool to connect qualified local professionals with homeowners and customers seeking help with home improvement projects. It acts as a bridge for clients to find businesses in their area so that businesses and customers benefit from local experts.

This electrician app can help you generate leads, communicate quickly and easily with customers, track their projects/tasks and is customizable with a personal Local Pro profile. (That’s a bit of a tongue-twister!)

The base app is free, with purchasable add-ons depending on your trade and business needs.

Local Pro is available for both iOS and Android.

3. Electrical Engineering App

While some electrician apps are more suited to experienced field service businesses and professionals, an app like Electrical Engineering Dictionary is made for newbies and students to improve and enhance their learning. It’s a comprehensive glossary of electrical engineering terms under a variety of categories, such as:

  • Coefficients and values
  • Devices/Hardware/Software
  • Indications
  • Laws and Theorem
  • Materials

The glossary is accessible from the app home page and features a handy search function. This electrician app is particularly geared towards students and new electricians, as it also offers quizzes and quick guides designed to reinforce learning. Plus, a calculator for standard calculations!

The app is free to download/use but includes add-on purchases at $1.49 per purchase. It’s available on iOS and Android.

4. Electrodoc

No matter what job you’re doing, there will always be plenty of calculations!

Previously known as Electrodroid, Electrodoc lists vital references and calculations in one simple program, allowing electricians to find the right formula for the job. We’re human, and sometimes we make mistakes. Manual calculations leave more room for error, which can disrupt your efficiency. Calculation tools are a great way to avoid making simple mistakes and focus on your expertise.

The free version of the app offers a robust array of features, formulas, and references. A selection of these are:

  • Ohm's Law
  • Resistor Ratio
  • Resistor series/parallel
  • Capacitor series/parallel
  • LED Resistor Calculator
  • Adjustable voltage regulator
  • Power dissipation
  • Battery Life calculator
  • Inductor Design Tool
  • Frequency Converter

Looking to upgrade or at least get rid of the ads? The Electrodoc PRO version offers an ad-free experience and offers more features in addition to all the benefits of the free version.

A small selection of these features are:

  • World Plugs & Sockets
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Zener Diode Calculator
  • NEMA connectors

The PRO version is the only version available for iOS, and both versions are available for Android.

5. Voltage Drop Calculator

Some electrician apps do it all, but sometimes you just want something that does one thing well.

Voltage Drop Calculator is exactly what it says on the tin: a calculator for the voltage drop in an electrical circuit. Reduce mistakes and increase time efficiency with this easy-to-use app. Just pop in your parameters and the app does the rest. You can also share the results over email or messaging apps, ensuring everything gets noticed in communication.

The app also features:

  • Voltage drop percentage
  • Wire resistance
  • End voltage

Voltage Drop Calculator is available for free on desktop and Android. It’s also available in several languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and German.

6. ElectriCalc Pro:

As we’ve covered, calculations are a necessary part of the job that can leave room for error. Plenty of electrician apps that help with this, and ElectriCalc is one of the best. Not only does ElectriCalc cover a comprehensive list of vital calculations and formulas, but it’s also an important tool that helps you stay up-to-date with NEC guidelines and regulations. It provides in-code references, tables, and more.

ElectriCalc is available for iOS and Android. It is pricy at $29.99, but it includes the entire package and is a one-off payment!

7. EveryCircuit

EveryCircuit is another electrician app designed for one thing: circuits! (It’s in the name, after all.)

It’s an online and mobile app where you can design and simulate electronic circuits, as well as discover shared simulations created by other users. It’s dedicated to everything, with plenty of options for building your circuits and providing a variety of visualizations to see how your circuit will work.

These include:

  • Analogue and digital circuits
  • I-V curve characteristics
  • AC analysis with Bode plot
  • Oscillator orbit evolution

EveryCircuit takes the stress off with simple, straightforward pricing. There are no ads in any of the price levels.

There are three options:

Free: limited to 5 components per own simulations and unlimited simulation of public circuits

Paid: $15 one-time payment, yours forever, no limits to your simulations

Educator: $4 per semester; exact pricing relies on course and number of students

EveryCircuit is available on web browsers and can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

8. Ugly Electrical References

Ugly’s Electrical References has been the standard for all electrical resources for over 35 years. Thanks to their convenient app, they now join the roster of best electrician apps so that you can get the benefits of decades of experience right from your smartphone. Digital access means Ugly can also update your references right away, in line with NEC standards and industry updates. It makes the moment of the digital format by offering integrated video references for visual learners in addition to their reference library.

They offer a suite of calculation tools and interactive features such as:

  • Ampacity Calculator
  • Conduit Fill Calculator
  • Power Factor Correction
  • NEMA Wiring Configurations
  • Full Load Current for Motors and Transformers
  • And Many More!

Ugly’s is available for both iOS and Android. It’s a one-time purchase of $12.99.

9. Master Electrician Reference

Reference electrician apps take the pocket guides and bulky reference books and put them in a digital format. Master Electrician Reference is a handy guide covering a wide variety of important reference material for electricians of any experience.

It’s designed to replace pocket guides and even provides calculation tools. MER is divided into multiple sections that cover a variety of topics under each, and it can be tricky to navigate at first to find what you need.

Some sections include:

  • Distributed Systems
  • Insulation Charts
  • Math and Conversions
  • Conductor Properties
  • Grounding Sizes

Master Electrician Reference is available for $9.99 on Android.

10. Electrician Handy Tool

A straightforward electrician app with a simple, easy-to-use guide on important calculations. This app offers an all-in-one conduit bending, calculating and reference tool.

With this app, you can select the calculator you need and make adjustments specific to the conduit you’re calculating.

The Handy Tools on offer are:

  • Voltage drop calculation with wire size determination
  • Conduit bending with visual guides and marks
  • Fraction calculations designed for the trade
  • Conduit fill/wire ampacity references

Electrician Handy Tool is available free to download for iOS and Android, with some in-app purchases.

11. Dispatch

More services are emerging for field service businesses of every size. Dispatch is part of our best electrician apps list, as it provides an important platform that connects brands, service providers and customers.

It empowers your field service business to connect with customers and have control over their field operations.

Some features include:

  • Real-time Visibility into field operations and your network
  • Monitor and management of service abilities
  • Huge customer network
  • API-First Mentality

Dispatch is a field-service solution for any business that integrates with your other apps to improve efficiency.

Dispatch is available through a demo.

12. Route4Me

Managing a field service business can be difficult, and there are definite growing pains when it comes to expanding and managing your team. Route4Me isn’t specifically an electrician app but for all field service businesses seeking greater efficiency in route planning. It’s one thing to have jobs lined up for the day; the pain can be getting your fleet where it needs to go! Route4Me takes all the annoying parts of route management and streamlines it. Their patented optimizer does all the leg work for your business: just put in the addresses, stops, and constraints (like max time or curbside), and the service produces optimized routes. It’s in our best electrician apps, as every field service business can benefit from streamlined routing, customer satisfaction, and employee efficiency.

Route4Me is a paid app available for iOS and Android. Prices start at $60 per user per month for their base Route Management Package.

Strengthen Your Business with Simpro’s tools for Electrician Teams!

As you can see, electrician apps can give your field service business a wealth of resources and tools right from your devices. There’s plenty to choose from, and while that can be a bit overwhelming, the best place to start is your core needs.

Effective field service management is key to keeping your business competitive and efficient, and can mitigate a lot of the pain points of a growing team. Simpro offers an all-in-one software solution so you can put the best foot forward in finding leads, ensuring customer satisfaction, and building your field service team.

Try our demo today!