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20 September 2019

How operations management software provides an end-to-end solution

Business Advice | 2 minute read

Every field service business wants to increase their efficiency. They want better cash flow, more productivity and to exceed customer expectations. All of these things can be achieved with proper operations management processes. However, it can be difficult to manage operations properly when using different systems to manage a business, jobs, assets and projects.

Operations management software increases visibility, control and time to help strategise for the future.

What are the fundamentals of operations management?

A group of people, a cluster of wheels and cogs, and a tool box connected through operations management processes.

There are three pillars that make up operations management: people, process and tools.

When working effectively, these pillars enable work and revenue to flow smoothly through a business from one end to the other. This, in turn, creates a more profitable, efficient enterprise.

Operations management software allows businesses to effectively manage their people and processes.

How can operations software manage people and processes?

The simPRO logo surrounded by different icons within the operations management features of simPRO software.

Introducing software into any business immediately streamlines your data optimising record keeping, data entry and accuracy.

Software can also eliminate blind spots when it comes to staff management and productivity. Features of a field service management software can include a range of functionality to monitor key job and project data such as:

A cloud-based software system makes it easy to update and communicate information, no matter where you are located. Jobs can easily be allocated, field staff will receive notifications in seconds, used materials can be recorded and warehouse levels updated immediately, and so much more.

How can a business grow using operations management software?

A man holding a growing plant

With the right tools to capture data, streamline processes and manage people, business owners and managers can take a look at the bigger picture of their organisation.

With dedicated reporting functionality, stakeholders can better compare and contrast the different groups of data in a business, like job productivity, profit versus loss, accounts owing, and other important information.

These reports offer innovative insights into a business and can be used to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other measures of success - paving a path for success and growth.

simPRO is a trusted tool for end-to-end operations management. Learn more about how field service businesses can manage their operations on the simPRO website.

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