Empower your renewables team with solar project management software that allows you to effortlessly manage projects, streamline workflows and collaborate with your field teams.

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How Simpro Will Help Your Business

Revolutionize Your Solar Projects with Simpro

From residential to commercial, Simpro is your partner in streamlining operations. Whether maintaining assets or installing cutting-edge solar solutions, work smarter, and boost profits along the way.

Make solar asset maintenance efficient product composition
Make solar asset maintenance efficient

Managing your solar projects and maintenance jobs has never been simpler. Streamline your processes, reduce manual tasks and potential errors and make asset maintenance easy and efficient. Track recurring jobs, manage work orders, capture asset test readings and generate reports to easily meet service level agreements.

Streamlined solar project management product composition
Streamlined solar project management

Ready to shine in the solar and renewables industry? With Simpro's cloud-based software, overseeing your projects from inception to completion is a breeze. Stay in control of project progress and expenses. When projects seem off-track or over budget, make quick, effective adjustments.

Keep jobs on track product composition
Keep jobs on track

Ensure efficient communication between your field teams and office staff, reducing misunderstandings, delays and the risk of unsatisfied customers. Optimize your fieldwork with effective scheduling and dispatch features, reducing downtime.


Manage your Solar Jobs From Start To Finish

Keep jobs on track with comprehensive solar asset management software

Elevate your solar management with optimized asset control. Enhance efficiency, cut costs, and nurture lasting customer bonds. Excel in customer service with comprehensive asset insights and minimize office tasks with on-the-go asset creation and testing.

  • Maximize profitability for your solar business

    Precisely assess which solar installation contracts are contributing to your profitability. Generate reports to distinguish contract profitability from overall customer profitability.

  • Fine-tune large and complex contracts

    The Maintenance Planner add-on allows you to fine-tune profitability. Adjust service levels, pre-build charge rates, account for inflation, and apply rate overrides.

  • Ensure exceptional customer service

    Maintain an in-depth database of all customer assets, including essential details, test readings and attachments. With the Maintenance Planner add-on, you can even track service levels.

  • Optimize technician assignments

    Build stronger business relationships by automatically assigning the most suitable team member. Designate preferred technicians to specific customers or sites based on their skill sets and asset types.

  • Streamline Asset Testing with Simpro Mobile

    Reduce testing times and enhance data accuracy. Scan barcodes or QR codes to access asset records, review and reuse test history and notes, conduct new asset tests and sync back into Simpro Premium.

  • Minimize Office Work

    When you need to replace or install new assets, Simpro makes it hassle-free. Create and test new assets directly from the job or quote, eliminating the need for extensive back-office administration.

Effortless Field Managment

Are you ready to break up with the long hours spent double handling paper? Want to reduce misunderstandings, delays and inefficient communication that result in unsatisfied customers? Need a solution for a variety of scheduling options that maximize the efficiency of your team? Simpro Premium renewables project management software is your key to pain-free employee management, seamless communication and efficient scheduling .

  • Real-time staff visibility: GPS tracking

    Maximize staff efficiency by tracking their real-time location. Use the Simtrac add-on for GPS fleet tracking to assign the closest available employee to the job, ensuring quicker service.

  • Instant updates for all: automated SMS and email

    Simplify communication by sending automatic updates to customers and staff via SMS and email, ensuring everyone stays informed without unnecessary delays or schedule conflicts.

  • Conflict-free scheduling: Bulk assignments

    Efficiently schedule multiple staff and equipment without conflicts, enabling smooth project execution and timely service delivery.

  • Flexible scheduling views: Day, week, month, and Gantt Charts

    See schedules your way–by the day, week or month, or a comprehensive Gantt chart to visualize project tasks. Optimize your field service management processes at a glance.

Optimizing Renewables Project Management

Empower your business with Simpro's renewables project management features, designed to ease your path to successful solar projects. Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty; say hello to efficient, on-budget solar installations. Simpro Premium provides the comprehensive tools you need to streamline your solar installation projects and ensure they're on time and within budget.

  • Accurate solar estimating software

    Takeoff templates, pre-built assemblies, labor rates and more. Our Takeoffs add-on empowers you to create fast and accurate takeoffs, so you can submit more quotes and win more projects.

  • Innovative solutions for renewable energy projects

    Stay on course with your solar projects. Assign tasks, resources and materials with ease. Keep a keen eye on operational costs for each phase and track progress with Gantt chart views.

  • Enhanced cash flow with progress billing

    Boost your cash flow by keeping project invoicing and billing well-organized. Generate deposits, claims, and final bills effortlessly. Improve your financial control with precise progress billing.

  • Seamless field-to-office connectivity

    Bridge the gap between field and office with the Simpro Mobile add-on. Field staff can easily access site history, job notes and schedules, create jobs, track time and record job details from their mobile devices.

Transform Your Inventory Management

Simpro provides a comprehensive toolkit to streamline your solar installation projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and with exceptional efficiency.

  • Optimized stock management

    Running low on materials? Gain real-time insight into your stock levels with just a few clicks. Make confident and informed decisions with our inventory management system, effortlessly maintaining optimum stock levels.

  • Streamlined Ordering Process

    Never fear running short on materials again. Set minimum stock level alerts and replenish your stock in no time with our order management system designed to seamlessly fit your business needs.

  • Smart price comparison

    Compare prices with your regular suppliers to ensure you always get the best deal. Your bottom line will thank you for saving money where you can, without compromising quality.

  • Personalized online catalog

    Build your own catalog of materials and access it from anywhere, whether you're in the office or on-the-go. Plus, import supplier catalogs to have the most up-to-date prices at your fingertips.

  • Actionable data-driven insights

    Knowledge is power. Gain actionable insights into your inventory performance with comprehensive reporting. Identify trends, forecast demand and make data-driven choices that lead to continued growth.

Enhance Your Solar Project Finances

Empower your business with complete solar business management software. With Simpro's financial features, you can take control of your cash flow, avoid billing errors, and streamline your financial processes for successful solar projects.

  • Accurate invoices, no double-entry

    Say goodbye to manual data entry. Simplify the process of generating accurate invoices by automatically including labor and materials added to the job. Reduce the risk of errors and improve your cash flow.

  • Internal invoice approvals

    Never worry about billing the wrong amount again. Set up internal invoice approvals to ensure that all information is thoroughly reviewed before it's sent out. Accurate billing that enhances your financial confidence.

  • Diverse invoice types

    Whether you're working on a large or multi-stage solar project, Simpro allows you to create retention claims or issue progress invoices after each stage. Keep track of payments and monitor your remaining balance with ease.

  • Payment flexibility for customers

    Offer payment flexibility to your customers. Accept credit card payments on-site through our payment integrations, receive payments online via a payment page and customer portal or allow payments via phone.

  • Seamless accounting integration

    Simpro enables you to export invoices into your existing accounting software, streamlining your workflow and making it easier to manage your solar project finances with confidence.

Experience the Simpro Advantage in Solar and Renewables

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar project management software is a specialized tool designed to help solar installation companies manage their projects more efficiently. It provides features such as project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting and reporting, all in one centralized platform.

Renewables project management software can benefit your company in several ways:
  • Improved efficiency: Solar project management software can help streamline project management processes, reducing the amount of time and effort required to complete tasks. This can result in improved efficiency and productivity for your company.
  • Cost savings: By optimizing project management processes, solar project management software can help reduce costs associated with project delays, errors and rework. It can also help you identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize resource allocation.
  • Better collaboration: Solar project management software can facilitate better collaboration among team members, enabling them to share information and work together more effectively. This can help improve communication and reduce the risk of misunderstandings or errors.
  • Enhanced project visibility: With solar project management software, you can gain real-time visibility into project progress, resource utilization and budget performance. This can help you identify potential issues early on and take corrective action to keep projects on track.

The key features of solar project management software include project planning and scheduling, resource management, budget and cost tracking, document management, collaboration tools, and reporting and analytics

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