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“Simpro hasn’t just been a vendor; they’ve been a critical part of our growth story. Their software has grown as we have, adapting and scaling to meet our expanding needs. Simpro isn't just a supplier to our company - they’ve proven themselves to be a true partner.”

Christopher Pearson, Executive Director

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Quorum And Simpro: A Partnership Built On Precision and Growth

Christopher and Yvonne Pearson, owners and directors of Quorum Security, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a clear vision. Quorum is a well-established, Sydney-based company specializing in security consulting, design, integration, and support services. Serving a diverse range of commercial, industrial, and government clients across Australia and Southeast Asia, Quorum is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality security solutions.

Experienced Operators Chasing Success

Christopher’s background in security operations across global hotspots like Washington, Chicago and London provided him with the skills and experience needed to steer their company’s strategic pivot into corporate verticals. Yvonne’s fifteen years in senior management with a global healthcare corporation had likewise equipped her with the analytical skills required to keep Quorum’s projects and maintenance programs ‘on track’ in real time. However, Quorum’s software and data analysis tools were outdated and very limited at that time.

The Desperate Need For Modern Software

The turning point for Quorum came when they encountered Simpro at an industry trade show in 2006. At that time, Quorum urgently needed sophisticated project management software that could handle the intricacies and scale of its operations. "We met some people from the electrical cabling sector who were using Simpro. Intrigued, we saw a demo and were immediately convinced it was what we needed," Christopher says.

The Instant Impact Of Simpro

Simpro's software revolutionized how Quorum managed its projects. It provided Christopher and Yvonne with the tools to estimate costs 60% faster than before, all while tracking real-time project progress. This was a game-changer nearly two decades ago and helped the business easily outpace its competitors in the market. "The ability to monitor real-time cost overruns and other critical project metrics was transformative for us back then," Yvonne recalls.

More Than Just A Software System

However, the relationship between Quorum and Simpro was not just about software; it was about building a partnership that could withstand the rigors of the industry. A notable incident that cemented their relationship involved a dispute over billed services, where Simpro stepped up to enhance their system to provide irrefutable audit trails for Quorum. "We needed a GPS-location time-stamp to prove when our field engineers were on-site irrefutably. Simpro not only understood our need but designed and implemented it for us quickly," Christopher says. “We saw an almost immediate uplift in productivity of between 14 -17% once we’d fully implemented the app. We could also easily respond to any client queries about work completed by sending them the audit trails with geo-location stamps of all work done at their sites,” he adds.

Always Growing Side-By-Side

Over the years, Quorum has expanded into more complex and larger markets. Simpro's software has evolved in tandem, addressing new challenges and adapting to Quorum's growing needs. Yvonne clarifies this by saying, "What impresses me most is not just the robustness of Simpro’s software but their willingness to listen and adapt. They've been genuinely responsive to our feedback, which has been crucial for us."

The relationship between Quorum and Simpro has also extended beyond mere business transactions. It has become a partnership based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence. "I’ve been particularly impressed by the personal support we’ve received. It’s not just about solving problems but about fostering a relationship that enhances both our companies," Christopher says with conviction.

Simpro And Quorum: Now And To The Future

Today, Quorum is an industry leader in sophisticated security solutions for high-stakes environments such as hospitals, public transport systems, and major sporting venues, all thanks to Simpro's dependable software and exceptional support. As both Christopher and Yvonne agree, "Simpro hasn’t just been a vendor; they’ve been a critical part of our growth story. Their software has grown as we have, adapting and scaling to meet our expanding needs. Simpro isn't just a supplier to our company - they’ve proven themselves to be a true partner."

Quorum's journey with Simpro illustrates the transformative power of a strong partnership. It is a testament to how innovative solutions, combined with genuine customer care, can create lasting impacts in the dynamic world of corporate security.

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