Simpro Update: Set and Forget with Automated Invoicing!

February 21, 2020

Ed's and Simpro composition The Simpro team has been busy and are ready to drop two new features to your door. Firstly you’ll be able to save more time with our new Automated Invoicing feature. This user-requested feature gives Simpro the ability to generate and email recurring invoices automatically to your customers. In other great news, we also have a leading Western Australian electrical supplier Electrical Distributors (ED's) joining our growing family of suppliers included for automatic synchronisation of catalogues and supplier invoices.

Automated Recurring Invoices are here!

Does your business send recurring invoices to cover ongoing jobs like preventative maintenance, security monitoring, and other regular services? If you answered yes, then Automated Invoicing within Simpro is going to dramatically improve your workflows, by automating this once very manual process.

Your customers receive invoices faster

Once automated invoicing is enabled, Simpro checks daily for recurring invoice templates that are due. Then the system will automatically generate the sales invoice and email the PDF to the customer. Ensuring that you save time on manual processes and your customers receive the invoice in a timely manner.

Your recurring invoice template can be set up to include your business’ bank account details, or online Square Payment links for credit and debit card payments, to further simplify your invoicing and payment workflow.

Automated Invoicing encourages your customers to get used to the idea of paying you at the same time of each billing period. Therefore putting them in a better position to pay you by the due date. It also reduces the time spent creating invoices and chasing payment, which means you have more time to focus on the important things!

Set and Forget Recurring Invoices to save time

When your team has a recurring invoice open they will see a new tab labelled ‘Recurring & Automation’. Within this tab, they will be able to configure settings such as Start Date, Invoicing Cycle, and Payment Terms alongside a toggle to turn on Automated Invoicing.

Within the Recurring Invoice List, invoices with Automated Invoicing activated, customers who are on stop (aren't being billed) or with expired contracts will be clearly highlighted by new icons.

Laying the foundations for Automatic Payments

Invoice with credit card

The Automated Invoicing feature allows Simpro developers to start building the framework for Automatic Payments. When this function is available, you will be able to start processing payments automatically with Simpro via the leading payment processor Square!

Square allows you to process electronic payments in the field, online or over the phone. Once we have released the Simpro Automatic Payment feature, you’ll be able to set up recurring payments to process automatically.

Electrical Distributors (ED’s) Automatic Catalogue and Supplier Invoice Sync

Available in Australia only.

Electrical Distributors (ED’s) is a leading Western Australian electrical wholesaler who supplies to all industries with employed electricians. Customers can celebrate saving more time and improved data quality, as we have now added ED’s to our list of suppliers supported for automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing.

What else is new in Simpro?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.1.4 in our Help Guide.