Your Guide To Creating Job Worksheets + Templates

Published: July 28, 2023

The Nitty Gritty

  • Why are job worksheets important?
  • What information should go on a job card?
  • How can you start using job worksheets in your business?
  • Download free sheet templates to get started

Within the field service industry there are a lot of moving parts that make up a job. Providing employees with the right tools to get the job done is a must for achieving success – digital, physical, or otherwise. And within a fast-paced and competitive industry, adapting to changes in field service processes and productivity among staff is always evolving. Let’s take a look at how a job worksheet template (or job card template) can boost your efficiency and productivity.

What is the purpose of a job worksheet template?

If you’re the type of person who LOVES a good to-do list, a job worksheet template will be right up your alley. You can make sure no job is left unfinished by detailing all the tasks that need to be completed and getting the customer to sign off on the job details. That way, you can be sure the customer is totally satisfied with the work. These days, most job forms are digital so that technicians can easily access them remotely while on the job. It’s a lot more convenient than paper-based methods. The difficulties with ‌paper-based job card templates are that they’re time consuming to complete, they create a lot of clutter and it’s not very easy to keep track of the data.

What should you include in a job worksheet template?

There are a few key pieces of information to include on a job worksheet template. These are:

  • Customer information. Detail the customer name, address, contact details and VAT number or company number if applicable.
  • Job description. Detail the work to be completed, any faults that are being addressed and the work that is being carried out, as well as a completion date if known. There may be internal information such as a job number that can be detailed here too.
  • Pricing and materials. Detail the costs to the customer and the materials and quantities used.
  • Additional information. Detail anything else that is relevant to the job, this can be additional work that needs to be completed or technician notes.
  • Technician and customer sign off. An area where the customer can sign to confirm they’re happy with the work carried out. There should also be an area for the technician to sign off.

Tips for implementing job worksheet templates

If your team isn’t used to job worksheet templates, then a change toward using them may be met with resistance. But, you can squash a lot of resistance if you follow these tips regarding the best way to implement job worksheet templates into your business.

Be clear about the benefits

Adapting to a routine change isn’t always welcomed with open arms. Especially if the benefits are not always clear. When introducing them to staff, be open about the positive changes job worksheet templates can bring into your business. Make sure you outline the benefits of using job worksheet templates to the relevant teams and be upfront about how it’ll improve their workload.

Have a process in place

With any new change in the workplace, it’s important to have a clear process outlined. Employees don’t want to feel unsupported and it’s great to show them where they can find information about the new process. This also helps show that the changes have been well thought out. You can highlight that through internal social dialogue or a team meeting, it will help employees feel safe in their roles and the work they’re carrying out. If there isn’t a clear process, employees will feel unappreciated and uncomfortable going about their day-to-day.

In terms of your customers, when employees show confidence out on the field, they feel reassured that the processes that are in place to complete their job are effective.

Go paperless

Digitizing job card templates will speed up the process of finishing a job over paper-based methods. Paper can be time consuming and increase administrative work. In addition to that, having the ability to update job information while out in the field will reduce the chances of mistakes happening due to miscommunication. All of the job details can be updated in real time, including materials used, progress and work notes.

Reporting on specific business measurables is incredibly time consuming on paper. Rummaging through stacks and stacks of physical worksheets and forms that are key to a business takes hours. When you’re paperless you can sort through the data in minutes. Using one central hub where you can run scheduled daily, weekly or monthly reports saves hours of administrative time.

Implement helpful tools and software

Help make the change easier with digital tools and software, offering support and advice where needed. A field service management software tool is a great place to start. It will provide visibility of the work being carried out and will keep all parties informed through one central hub. Set up training sessions to talk through the new processes and how job worksheet templates will serve a function within the business. The key here is to keep things simple. Employees don’t want to feel the additional burden of a change in the workplace whilst learning new processes.

What does a job worksheet template look like?

So you now know what to include ‌when creating a job sheet. But what does a work job sheet template look like? Depending on the type of business and work carried out, there may be a few templates worth using regularly. Let’s take a look at a job sheet template for a sample job.

job worksheet template example

Free Work Job Worksheet / Job Card Templates

Here are a few free sheet templates you can use to create your own. You will need to add your logo and contact ‌information to the top. Then start filling in all the relevant information. If you are not using an end-to-end field service software package, you will want to develop a system to keep track of job numbers and their progress.

Job Worksheet Template PDF
Job Worksheet Tempale Google Doc
Job Worksheet Template MS Word


Job worksheet templates can be easily implemented into your business. It will save a lot of time on administrative tasks and help employees be more productive with their time. It also provides transparency for your customer and gives them peace of mind the work being carried out is getting done. In addition, running reports on job efficiency and other areas can be performed with ease with all of the information stored digitally.