February Release: Improve Efficiency with Maintenance Planner Updates

March 4, 2022

In our February update, we've added new functionalities to enhance the user experience of Maintenance Planner and improve security. Read on to find out about our February update, including:

Lock Maintenance Planner Jobs and Save Time

Set up your Simpro build to lock jobs automatically when created with Maintenance Planner. This update will save you time when creating jobs in large quantities with Maintenance Planner, especially those that are charged a flat, unchanging rate.

Group Assets to Improve Efficiency

Another new feature for Maintenance Planner! You can now set up system defaults so multiple assets of the same type and service level are grouped in a single line, with the corresponding quantity in the job description. This feature will help you quickly present neat and easy to follow forms to your colleagues.

Task Audit Logs Ensure Accountability

A person with audit logTasks now have extensive audit logs. This new feature adds a layer of accountability to your tasks and helps ensure your project workflows are carried out effectively. Now you can easily review who has viewed, updated, created or deleted a task. You can also see who has downloaded task attachments and when any task-related notifications have been sent.

Options for Two-Factor Authentication

Laptop and mobile two-factor authenticationThe two-factor authentication has a new option to remember a device for thirty days. This allows you to use two-factor authentication without having to constantly verify your login attempt.

Close Open Work Tab

Ideas PortalWe are constantly developing your ideas for new features to make multitasking easier. This is a “Top Idea” from the Ideas Portal that you voted for. You can now swiftly close projects by clicking the “close” button in the Open Work tab. Easy peasy!

With every release, there are other improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for February in our Help Guide for 22.1.3 and 22.1.4 (available from the 27th of February AEST).

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