Efficient asset management in the field with Simpro Mobile

Published: February 26, 2020

Simpro’s asset management software has advanced to new heights with the latest updates to the Simpro Mobile app.

The app’s Service module now incorporates asset management workflows. The new Assets feature equips field service staff with a powerful mobile solution for managing the full customer asset life cycle with ease.

In this blog, you’ll discover the benefits of using Simpro Mobile’s Assets feature, what’s completely new, and what’s next on the development roadmap to strengthen your services in the field.

Clearly view all essential asset information

As soon as you are scheduled to your first job with assets in Simpro Mobile, you will appreciate how vastly different the user experience is. On a single screen, Simpro Mobile provides field staff with a clear overview of what’s needed, including total assets on the job card, tested and untested counts, and how many have failed. There is no need to jump between cost centers while adding up job counts.

Simpro Mobile Assets feature screen showing Pass Fail test results

Access the complete asset service history

A major business advantage of Simpro Mobile’s new Assets feature is the level of detail available in the field. Field staff have online access to the result of every test carried out, and every note ever recorded, during the asset lifecycle.

The full visibility of asset test and service history, empowers field staff to make better-informed recommendations on whether to repair or replace equipment and ultimately raise the standard of your asset maintenance service.

Use the in-app barcode and QR code scanner

Asset barcode being scanned by a mobile phone With the addition of an in-app barcode and QR code scanner you can now scan assets inside Simpro Mobile without switching to a third-party app. This will not only speed up your asset testing workflow, but also eliminate the need to purchase, install and support extra apps for your field teams.

Another workflow time-saver is the ability to scan one asset after another, without worrying where you are searching, waiting for the results to appear, or even having to test the asset before moving to the next in the list.

This is a valuable feature for when field staff can’t access the next asset in their list, such as when the equipment is in an occupied meeting room.

Automatically search all record types at once

Field staff will never have to worry about whether they are searching for an asset in the right place in the app. Regardless of whether they use manual or barcode searches, Simpro Mobile automatically cross-checks the current cost centre, job and associated sites then displays the relevant asset.

Complete your asset testing with greater accuracy, in less time

Your field staff can now easily and safely pass assets in bulk. Simpro Mobile provides a list of assets with outstanding mandatory test readings. The specific readings required are highlighted as red inside the asset, allowing field staff to continue populating test readings for results until all critical readings are addressed.

Using Simpro Mobile’s Assets features, you can now collect more data, which will allow your business to communicate confidently with customers about the service provided.

Field staff can reduce time on-site by using past results to populate asset records. In the past they could only re-purpose test readings and results. Simpro Mobile now delivers the same options, with the addition of reusing past failure points, recommendations and notes.

Quickly add new assets in the field

Creating new assets is easily managed in the field.

Field staff can create a new asset from scratch, or copy the details from an existing asset, all from their mobile device. Details including the asset type, service levels and the walk order can be added. Barcode numbers can be scanned in, or manually entered, as well as any custom fields your business has set for Assets.

Blue ribbon with new written in white

What’s next for Simpro Mobile’s asset management features?

At Simpro we are committed to ongoing product improvement, and we are already planning the next wave of enhancements for asset management in the field. New developments including Tasks will be added to the field service app. To find out more about what is planned, coming up and in development, check out the Simpro Mobile Roadmap. Visit the Simpro Ideas Portal to share feedback about what else you would like to see on the roadmap.

Magnifying glass focussed over a blue mobile phone screen

Are you ready to use Simpro Mobile for your asset management in the field?

Discover the range of options available to help you upskill and adapt your asset management workflows to Simpro Mobile.

Masterclass Webinars

We will soon be adding details of a Simpro Mobile Assets webinar as part of the newly launched Masterclass Webinar series. We will be sharing details about upcoming Simpro Learning Events on our website, social media and customer emails.

The Learning Toolbox

The Learning Toolbox is a FREE online training platform for all Simpro clients and their staff. The Simpro Mobile Asset Material is an interactive, self-paced training that will help upskill staff on the new Assets feature. Start learning here or request access to Toolbox.

The Help Guide

The Help Guide includes articles and videos on managing Assets in Simpro Mobile. You can visit the Help Guide Article here, or find it in the Help menu in Simpro.

On-site and online training

If you’re looking for additional assistance on how Simpro Mobile and the new Assets features will work with your workflows, Simpro’s Implementation Consultants can provide on-site and online training for your team.

Download the latest Simpro Mobile update from Google Play or the Apple App Store today!