Add Hourly Allowances to cost your jobs more effectively

June 17, 2020

Sometimes it isn't as simple as paying staff their usual hourly rate. Incidences such as qualifications, hazardous conditions, after hours work, holidays or even an agreement can mean that a staff member may be required to be paid an additional amount per hour or a completely different hourly rate.

To help you continue to cost your labour accurately, we have introduced the Hourly Allowance feature as part of our most recent Simpro update 20.2.6. This feature will give you better control over required changes to any hourly rate on any job or project.

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Personalise payments for certain staff on specific jobs

Easily adjust the hourly rate of any staff member, with functionality to add an hourly allowance to an hourly rate, completely override their regular rate, or both!

Job Costing just got a whole lot more accurate

To accurately cost jobs, you need to know exactly what your labour costs are. The Hourly Allowance feature within Simpro will enable you to accurately calculate what the labour on each job is going to truly cost you. This means no more surprises on your end, and fewer chances for you to incorrectly pay your hard working staff.

Have a better understanding of what your staff will cost you

Accurate job costing is fantastic for proper budgeting on your current jobs and projects but is also useful for future planning. The ability to adjust hourly rates gives your business the power to really understand how much your labour costs will be for the duration of your projects.

Gain clear visibility on adjusted rates

Easily track changes to hourly pay rates on the employee or contractor card so you can see at a glance who has had allowances, pay overrides and multipliers added to their rates.

For more information around Hourly Allowances and educating your team about the new functionality check out the resources on the Simpro Learning Toolbox and the Help Guide.

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