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“We've been using our labour rates for over 35 years. Breaking down our projects into different stages of the job using simPRO enabled us to identify areas in our pricing that needed looking at.”

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“To anyone looking to move over to simPRO, we would say the system is value for money and integrates well with other systems. We are really happy with simPRO and how it’s integrated our systems.”

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“Switching to simPRO was a no-brainer for us. Especially when it came to billing, inventory, and managing jobs. I would say that if you can tell simPRO would work well with your company’s operations, just go for it!”

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“It's an essential element of every part of our job management.”

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“We can probably put a quote out ten times quicker than what we were doing from spreadsheets.”

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“Since introducing simPRO in December 2018, we have not looked back. By developing and using all of its facets, customer satisfaction, cash flow and above all profits have dramatically improved.”

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“With simPRO, you look at the last three yearly inventories that we’ve done, and we’ve written off less than $500. That’s a significant improvement for us, just on the materials management side.”

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“We decided to go with simPRO because it offers the most comprehensive solution.”

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“simPRO gave us the most benefits with the least losses.”

“simPRO enables all project information to be in one place and easily accessible by the entire team”

“It’s very user friendly and just works for our business.”

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“When I think about before simPRO to where we are now, it's just like chalk and cheese.”

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“We now have three businesses working under the one profile. We use it [simPRO] as the main backbone of our system.”

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“Nobody can even come close to simPRO technical support. It’s a five-star support team, no questions asked. Everyone we’ve dealt with in simPRO support always takes the time to listen and help. I know I always have someone who has my back.”

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“We can now compete with bigger companies as we can produce more documentation and information, which gives a better customer service all round.”

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“Sales are up £250,000 over the same six month period last year.”

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“We had eight field field staffs when we implemented simPRO, and we now have 21. We’re able to manage the increased amount of work without needing to increase our office staff.”

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“A lot of processes were in my head, and we needed to consolidate all of that into one platform. Our business consultant pointed out that we were trying to portray this professional image but that in the background, it was absolute chaos.”

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“We have tripled our turnover but we haven’t had to increase our office staff.”

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“For a service industry business, I would say that simPRO covers all areas of the business that you would ever need it to. By integrating it with your accounts package, the two platforms really are all you need to keep all activities within one place.”

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“When were looking for new service software, we were looking for the unicorn in service software.”

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“The Price Discrepancies report shows us when suppliers haven’t charged us the correct price. We run that report about once a week, and we pay for simPRO with the money we save by catching mistakes.”

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“There are so many avenues for support [at simPRO] and they are all just absolutely fantastic”

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“We save a lot of time and money with simPRO. Before simPRO, it took probably an hour to generate an estimate. Now, creating an estimate only takes about 10 minutes.”

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“With the simPRO IoT dashboards, we are now alerted to potential issues before tenants even advise the building manager of an issue.”

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“Since implementing [simPRO], my profit margins have increased over 10% in just the last year.”

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“Our customers wanted to have quicker updates…where they can see in real-time what’s planned, what we’re doing and invoices that need to be paid…so we gave them the customer portal”

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“We don't see simPRO as a cost, we see simPRO as a rebate.”

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“Auditing is a key component of the compliance industry, and simPRO gives us everything we need.”

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“Whenever somebody asks me about the evolution of us going into simPRO, it’s like going from ‘The Flintstones’ to ‘The Jetsons’ overnight.”

“We were able to identify the jobs that were drifting, look at our pricing, our spend on resources and find ways to be more efficient. We’ve gone from 29% to 33% growth in one department alone and that has netted us $100k.”

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“Now I feel that I can hit that easy button each day because we made the right decision. We didn't waste money and time on the wrong software platform.”

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“The change has been phenomenal, everything is just so user friendly and transparent.”

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“We have doubled since our implementation of simPRO.”

“Before we had simPRO, we were billing about half of what we billed last year so we have doubled since our implementation of simPRO.”

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“Access to data, anytime, anywhere, was a huge step for us.”

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